Sunny Wind Sculpture Memories for a Rainy Boxing Day

Today’s rain makes me nostalgic for our recent trip to Southern California. Near the pier in Santa Barbara, we purchased a beautiful wind  DSC_0549 (2)sculpture from artist, Lee Coulter. Besides creating the most amazing art, Lee is also an aspiring writer. He and I exchanged plot ideas in the warm sun while Bruce decided which sculpture we would take.






Our choice now sits in the rain and wind of the North Island spinning gracefully like a dancer and every time I look at it I am reminded of the warm California sun, a delightful morning exploring Santa Barbara, and a wonderful chat with sculpture and writer, Lee Coulter. Go ahead and check out Lee’s work at:

CSC_0266 (2)edited

2 comments on “Sunny Wind Sculpture Memories for a Rainy Boxing Day

  1. LOIS says:

    We purchased 1 of Lee Coulter’s Wind Sculptures & we moved. In the process of moving 1 of the ‘branches’ got lost. Do you know how I can contact/email Lee re: a repair?
    Please send your reply to me at

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