7 comments on “Wind Sculptur – Lee Coulter, Santa Barbara, California

  1. George O says:

    Any idea how I can contact this artist?

  2. Monika Wikman says:

    I have a sculpture of his from years ago and would LOVE to locate him and get another– Does anyone know how to get to his website?

    • Cecilia Kohler says:

      Years ago I bought a hanging sculpture and have enjoyed it for years. We hung it in our new home and recently it was stolen. I would love to get another. Celia

    • On the beach in Santa Barbara – not so helpful, I know but his website isn’t either. Sorry. We sure love our wind sculpture.

    • Janie says:

      our store here in town use to carry his items. they think maybe he went out of business. if you ever find contact info I would love to have it as well.

  3. Rickee Tetherow says:

    Love the info on Lee Coulter, my mom and I both purchased his beautiful wind sculptures and am trying to find a way to get another. The website link doesn’t send me to his info. It says the website may be for sale. Any idea if he’s still selling his art in Santa Barbara?

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