Dance me to the end of love – that’s a line from a Leonard Cohen song – did you know that? For years we were like one of those crazy dance contest couples – determined to be the last pair standing. After all the sound and fury – much ado about nothing, really – I didn’t know it would be so quiet at the end of love. The final line that held me to him snapped; I actually felt it break as the momentum, like something huge and cumbersome jolting down the slip, moved me away, out into the current of a life that no longer included him. Some words you hear a million times and then all of a sudden one day it’s like you’re really hearing them  – the least you could do around here is get that goddamn laundry put away – is that too much to ask?

Maybe I bent the rules slightly by counting two sentences joined by a semi-colon as one. I’ll live with the consequences. The inspiration word was endings. Give this little exercise a try – grab an inspiration or prompt word and go for it.


5 comments on “Endings

  1. smilecalm says:

    May you feel happy and safe nuturing your own heart.

  2. Christine Penhale says:

    I think this exercise would be really difficult. Do you have to write the entire back story in your head or do these five lines themselves become a very short story?

    I have always considered endings to be about sadness and/or failure. But after spending some time thinking about endings I have altered by perspective. Perhaps they can also be the end of something hurtful and/or the freedom to start anew. Maybe an optimist can see endings for what they really are: beginnings.

    • I find that a snippet like this just comes all on its own – whatever is back story is implied – for me as well as anyone who reads it. When I read your words – maybe an optimist can see endings for what they really are – beginnings – I thought, a realist might see it that way, too. Then again – maybe an optimist and a realist are closer to the same than we realize. What is that old and overused expression – one door closes and another opens – a platitude if ever I heard one but these one liners get popular for a reason. As always – thanks for the thoughtful read and the great comments.

  3. I too have listened to a song that I have heard many times and one line jumps out at me and I realize that this is the first time I have actually heard the words. Is it the time in my life? I remember singing songs word for word as a teenager and then as I started my family the words faded into a good beat and now the words seem to want to speak to me again. The circle of life, I guess it happens in all aspects of our lives.
    Is that a picture of Ventura beach?

    • I thought you might recognize the pier at Ventura! Yes indeed – the circle of life – so we come around to the same place and see it all again as if anew. Good reflections for a Sunday morning on the rainy Pacific coast.

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