18 comments on “Daily Post–Advice for New Bloggers

  1. sebastixn says:

    Reblogged this on Lost countdown..

  2. oldmainer says:

    Sage advice. I have started including photos with several of my offerings and it does indeed seem to increase the readership.

  3. I too have found that photo’s make a big difference on my amount of views… and what I choose for pics/quotes!

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  5. aaajajajaaa fabulous!! and so true, my theme requires a featured image to show on the home page for each post so i always do that plus, I’m a very visual person and can’t imagine one of my posts without at least a thumbnail of something, of course a bear is quite en eye catcher 🙂 thanks, Alexandra

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  7. Gemma Hawdon says:

    I can’t believe that’s a real bear – looks like my uncle dressed in disguise 🙂

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  9. Two things that I wanted to say don’t really have much to do with the post…Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Dreamer. I really appreciate it!
    The second is that I was wishing for more super sweet blogger awards…you certainly deserve one!

  10. Amazing picture. In Colorado, when we see a bear this size, this close, we don’t take time to take a picture. Or at least those of us still alive don’t.

    • OK – I hear you. I took this shot by slowing opening the screen door, peaking out and taking a quick photo, before quietly closing said screen door. Whenever I photographed this particular bear, last year, it was always from the safety of either a propped open door or the height of one of our decks. A photo like this makes a great talking piece, but not worth taking a risk over.

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