10 comments on “Wordless Wednesday–Dirty Dancing

  1. oldmainer says:

    Let me whisper a comment. This was one of my all time favorite movies. I don’t know how many times I have seen it. Thanks for the memories.

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud 🙂 PS – only because I too have my only-whisper-about movie pleasures. But I know you were whispering because it was wordless Wednesday.

  2. Two words for Wordless Wednesday —good movie!

  3. Gwen says:

    Fran, be honest. Are you truly capable of wordless?

  4. Gemma Hawdon says:

    Finished your book! Loved it – have left a review on Amazon 🙂

  5. Be glad it’s wordless Wednesday. I have so many memories from the movie DIRTY DANCING, and I’d have Many comments.
    Love the picture. (just had to add that; I tried to keep the words down.)

  6. Christi says:

    This makes me think of Silvia and Mickey’s song (“Baby /Oohh baby /My sweet baby /You’re the one”). Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  7. I loved this movie! I bought both cds when they came out.

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