Sailboats, Disappearing in Plain Sight, and a Safe Harbour.


My marketing and promotion manager (aka – husband – Bruce) pulled off a significant coup the other day. He managed to have my book, Disappearing in Plain Sight, on sale at The Outpost, a local venue in Winter Harbour, in time for the arrival of the racers in the VanIsle 360, a circumnavigation sailboat race around Vancouver Island.


The Outpost is Winter Harbour’s all purpose general store. One of those places that remind me of days gone by when one stop shopping meant just that. The website will tell you they have everything from bolts to bananas, as well as a well-stocked liquor store, a wide variety of groceries, fishing gear and tackle, household items, and local souvenirs (like Fran’s book – yippee and happy dance going on).


“Winter Harbour is the true “end of the road”, an outpost community off Quatsino Sound. A unique fishing village on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, there are few residents 1881.1[1](population 20!) and lots to see. The village of Winter Harbour got its name in the 1800’s when its sheltered harbour became a haven for sailing ships. This boardwalk community puts visitors close to the wildlife and remoteness of northern Vancouver Island.” Quoted from  this great site – it describes Winter Harbour and all kinds of must-see places nearby.

If you ever plan to visit this picturesque community, consider staying at the Winter Harbour Cottages. Run by Pat and Phil Wainwright, the rates are reasonable, and the accommodations fully reflect the charm of the fishing village setting. The cottages have wonderfully evocative west coast names – Cedar Cottage, Chinook Cottage, Otter House, and Beach House. Check out the link above for all the details, plus great photos of the area. I want to send out a big hello to Pat – a former work colleague from School District #85. Hi Pat and Phil!

The VanIsle 360

2013 Van Isle 360 071 redone[1]

The Van Isle 360 is a biennial, 580 nautical mile point-to-point race circumnavigating wild and rugged Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Sailed in ten legs, the course provides inshore, offshore and overnight sailing through some of the most stunning and challenging waters on the planet.

The race is on as you read this – June 8th to 22nd. Please go and check out their website and their Facebook page. They’re trying to get a 1000 likes so feel free to give them a hand with that.

Each leg of the race is unique with a new adventure lurking around every corner. There are the strong currents and narrow passages that mark the inside route, to say nothing of the notorious Nahwitti Bar. It is said that fish boats’ windows can be permanently etched by the sand churned up in the waves. This is not to be outdone by the infamous Brooks Peninsula, where weather stations are frequently blown over. The host communities (of which Winter Harbour is one!) go out of their way to welcome the fleet at each one of the stops with awards and festive events (things like having Disappearing in Plain Sight for sale at the local store.) The sailors get to relax and enjoy warm hospitality and the unique character of each community.


So, there you have it, folks. Local promotion in a absolutely breathtaking spot with a sailboat race thrown in for good measure – life is good in my marketing world (thank you Bruce!)

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10 comments on “Sailboats, Disappearing in Plain Sight, and a Safe Harbour.

  1. I think your manager deserves a raise! Nice job!

  2. mysticcooking says:

    Such a beautiful area! Thanks for the lovely pictures, and good luck with your marketing!

    • It is such a gorgeous spot! Thanks for the well wishes. Marketing feels as though it will suck the life blood from a person faster than your average vampire – but all worth it in the end.

  3. Wow! So picturesque! Bruce is the man!

  4. abigler42 says:

    That is wonderful! I am imagining myself in Winter Harbour looking over the shelves at The Outpost. I hope your fabulous book reaches out and gets the attention of those who visit!

    • We’ll see next week if this avenue of marketing got Disappearing in Plain Sight out sailing the world! Winter Harbour is a special place and I”m glad I could share it with so many of the people who stop by my blog.

  5. Roy McCarthy says:

    Nice words and pictures, especially for those of us that are ever unlikely to get there. I’d say it was with great relief that the old sailors reached Winter Harbour, even though your book was not then for sale 🙂

    • All the sales on has missed simply due to being in the here and now rather than the then and when! If you’ve ever been on the west coast you understand how it got its name – wild! No doubt the sailors of the 1800’s were very well pleased to reach the shelter of Winter Harbour.

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