Irrational Fallacies and Communication Skills | Saying What Matters

DSC_0293In this anniversary month of my blog (don’t forget about the great prices being offered all this month!) I’ve been doing some reassessment. I ventured into the blogging world because I wanted a platform to promote my debut novel. Of course, I ended up with so much more. 

I have decided to branch out and start another blog. It’s entitled – Saying What Matters. The aim of this new blog is to provide quick and easy pointers on how to become a more effective communicator. Each post is helpful on its own, but taken together, over time, the series of posts I plan to write will constitute the core material for an entire course in communication skills. We all want to say what matters to others, and hopefully we also want to listen when others tell us what matters to them.

I’m happy to be able to share my expertise on such an important topic. So, I invite my followers on Disappearing in Plain Sight to hop over and check out my new blog. 

Irrational Fallacies and Communication Skills | Saying What Matters

And just a quick recap on those all important June anniversary prizes:

  • All likes go in a draw for a guest appearance on my blog
  • All comments go in a draw for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • All pingbacks and month of June followers are in the draw for a trade paperback copy of Disappearing in Plain Sight.


14 comments on “Irrational Fallacies and Communication Skills | Saying What Matters

  1. I love the photo of your granddaughter(?) holding your book! Shameless promotion with cutie pies works every time! I’m going over to the new blog now–I’m looking forward to more insightful essays there!

  2. graypoet says:

    Having found this blog and enjoying its content, I have to take a look at the other, not that I expect much can improve my archaic communication skills…

  3. Pat Benson says:

    congratulations on the new blog

    • Thanks, Pat. I’m enjoying the diversity of writing two different types of blogs – when I’m not pulling my hair out, of course! It seemed pretty easy to get behind on one blog.

  4. oldmainer says:

    Great picture of your marketing director and her assistant. That has GOT to sell a few copies:)

  5. Hahahaha I’d tell you what matters…but I might not be listening!

  6. Your book arrived on my front porch yesterday!

  7. […] if you click on her recent post Irrational Fallacies and Communication Skills – Saying What Matters, she introduces her new complementary blog.  Fran uses her well honed counselling savvy, to […]

  8. abigler42 says:

    That may be the cutest person ever! Communication is something we should never stop practicing and improving. I think it’s an interesting and much needed blog!

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