When Great Writers Vanish

Trying something new today – re-blogging a post. This is an inspirational piece for all writers. Enjoy and much thanks to Crows Dream for these words.

Crows Dream

GeezerBeing a geezer writer has its advantages. Decades in the business makes for a slice of clarity, a broader understanding of why some writers make it while others fail, or just choose to disappear. It’s usually a strange and toxic mixture of life ingredients.

It often doesn’t have anything to do with talent.

Some of the best writers I’ve known simply walked away from the trade. These were gifted people whose work I admired and thought was outstanding. But they gave it all up. They just vanished from the scene.

It’s not easy to wrap your head around this problem. Still, there are some common themes, scant threads that seem to surface with these individuals. Even though they disappeared as writers, a few of them stayed in touch, a few gave explanations. There are lessons.

Feedback fail. Many of the writers I’ve known needed a good deal of feedback. When…

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One comment on “When Great Writers Vanish

  1. brucethomasw says:

    Heh Francis – this could be me in another few years: hopefully not vanished . . . I mean the photo.
    Love . . . B.

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