The Tri-Port Music Festival



Over the past weekend, Disappearing in Plain Sight attended the Tri-Port Music Festival. This festival has become an annual event on Northern Vancouver Island. It’s been held three years in a row at the Cluxewe Resort, just a few minutes drive out of the town of Port McNeill.



The young lad holding my book is Nick. He did a great job directing traffic and was kind enough to take a moment out to pose.



We decided to take the deal the festival offered for a vendor table plus two passes to the event.







We combined a fantastic day in a beautiful setting, friendly faces newly met and well-known, wonderful music, food and drink, with the opportunity to sell a few books.


Cluxewe Resort is situated on this amazing ocean cove.


Crabs, caught right off the shore are prepared for an evening feast, while eagles soar overhead.

Valdy was the afternoon headliner. The guy is getting up there, but he still has the performance chops.


As luck would have it, my son was visiting from Ontario. We dragged him along for the fun. Who doesn’t want a chance to see Chilliwack play an intimate outdoor venue?



Not my best ever photographic moment, but a day in the elements takes its toll.


Check out this great You Tube video to see Chilliwack back in the day. I’m here to tell you, Bill Henderson can still rock a crowd!

As you can see from the photos, the day was everything I have described. Congratulations must go out to all the organizers, the performers, and the excellent staff at the Cluxewe Resort. And a big thank you to each and every person who stopped by and showed interest in Disappearing in Plain Sight.

You guys made the day such a treat for a local author Open-mouthed smile

16 comments on “The Tri-Port Music Festival

  1. Kevin Cullen says:

    Looks like a blast!

  2. Chilliwack! That takes me back. (Rhyme intended.)

    • The crowd was certainly made up of quite a few fans who felt the same – us included. I’m always amazed at how music can take one back years – I felt like I was back at a high school dance. Good times, for sure.

  3. Gwen Stephens says:

    Wonderful photos to accompany the story. Really captures local culture and helps build my mental images when I think of your novel and characters. I saw the cove pic on Bruce’s blog! Hopefully you made some sales.

    • Thanks, Gwen. The sales were great and even more than that, I was able to interact with several people who had already purchased and read Disappearing in Plain Sight at local stores that carry it. That was very encouraging. Lots of opportunity to promote the sequel. Bruce does have a better eye than I do for laying out a mainly photographic blog, for sure. I’m glad our local culture builds the platform for my writing.

  4. Ginger Dawn says:

    What a great Blog! I would have really enjoyed this event!

  5. Roy McCarthy says:

    Looks great Francis – I wish I’d been there. Being unfamiliar with Chilliwack I watched the vid – isn’t it great that so many musicians continue to record and tour even though their glory days have been and gone?

  6. Definitely true of Chilliwack. I was amazed that Bill Henderson had changed so little over the years. Of course he is white-haired now (like many of us) but he still sounded the same. It was a blast from the past and we loved it. Wish you would have been there, too, Roy 🙂

  7. Ooh, those crabs look amazing!

  8. talesfromthelou says:

    Great stuff! I have never heard of that festival, but then again I am on the other side of the island. Wow, I have not seen Valdy since 1984 where we had him play at a French Canadian festival believe it or not. Keep up the good work up there! Lou
    I’ll check your book later.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lou. Bruce said he sent you over. We’ve been really lucky on the North Island to have Valdy play here a few times. Thanks in advance for checking out Disappearing in Plain Sight (the book).

  9. Wow! That was a great idea. Beautiful place and it looked like you had a great time. 😀

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