16 comments on “Extra, Extra – Read All About It!

  1. Fantastic article Francis – congratulations!

  2. Roy McCarthy says:

    Great piece – indefatigable indeed 🙂

  3. Wow! Terrific article, Francis! Your mom would be so proud!

  4. How great! You’re a local celeb now!

  5. oldmainer says:

    Nice article. Way to go.

  6. smilecalm says:

    How wonderful; your efforts are worthy of recognition. May it bring well being to others.

  7. A big thanks right back at all my wonderful well wishers 🙂 Thanks SmileCalm – I would love to be the agent of spreading around some well-being.

  8. It’s no surprise that your work is garnering so much positive attention, “Dissapearing in Plain Sight” was wonderful! I’m eagerly looking forward to “The Light Never Lies”! Enjoy the ride, you deserve every accolade 🙂

  9. Lovely to see all your hard work pay off! You are an inspiration to all us aspiring writers out there. I follow your blog and love hearing about the writing process. Congrats on such a fab article! Whoohoo!

    • Thanks for this affirmation, booktrailer 🙂 I have discovered that the whole point of blogging is this give and take that seems to happen as we all stumble along learning and making discoveries and sharing what works and what doesn’t. Whoohoo, indeed.

  10. Gwen Stephens says:

    I love it! Congrats, Fran.

    • I had hoped to do a link right to the actual article but in order to read the paper online one must have a subscription. So I did the next best thing – scrapbook style – cut out the article, scan and post. Glad you enjoyed the read.

  11. Jealous! LOL. Congratulations!!

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