Holiday Survival 101

A bit of a holiday survival strategy to think about as the Christmas busyness and family gatherings approach. Hope it helps.

Saying What Matters

The Saying What Matters Lady wants to remind all of you that the Christmas season can be a stressful time. For those of you who never experience any holiday madness in yourself or others, no need to keep reading – this post isn’t meant for you. Everyone else – listen up.

Christmas can be a time when we make unrealistic demands on ourselves and the people around us. I think this is because many of us have been sold a Hallmark/Hollywood/TV version of what Christmas is supposed to be like. The subsequent jolt between that fantasyland and our own reality often equals stress. That stress can lead to behaviours that are not pretty to witness, in ourselves or others.

But don’t despair. The Saying What Matters lady is going to share a two-step plan that might help to temper some of the insanity. But first we’re going to need an…

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One comment on “Holiday Survival 101

  1. glad you are surviving…had the flu here…

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