Icy Tentacles Twisting into New Social Media Realms

North Island Ice Sculpture - Francis L. Guenette

Still cold in these parts! This photo is of a primitive ice sculpture we created when the water was still running and we were spraying it out of the hose in the hopes of keeping it from freezing up.

With the publication of my second novel, The Light Never Lies, I’ve decided to explore a new author’s group – The Independent Author Network.

William Potter, webpage magician over at IAN, has just set-up my author page. Please check it out. I love the sleek presentation. Feel free to share it around on your social media sites.

Looking forward to interacting with a whole bunch of new writing-minded people who are twisting their own icy tentacles through this social media world, learning and sharing about being indie authors as they go.

I’ll leave you today with a picture of what cold feels like. Stay warm where ever you are, my friends.

through the luminary lens

11 comments on “Icy Tentacles Twisting into New Social Media Realms

  1. Beautiful photos, Francis! Is that Bruce’s work? I’ll be sure to check out your new author page.

  2. Deb McEwan says:

    Stunning photographs – absolutely beautiful!

  3. Cate Macabe says:

    Thanks for the link to The Independent Author Network. I’ll consider joining in the future.

    • I’m really enjoying my association so far – a few days in. It seems to be one of those things that work if you have time to work it. Quite a large group who will retweet and follow facebook pages, blogs etc. if you have the time to return the favour.

      • Hello, I reached this blog post via some deep googling as I’m looking into the Independent Author Network myself. The information about whether authors have had or not had success (or what levels of success, even making their money back in sales) with the IAN is pretty much non-existent.

        Of course there are testimonials on the IAN site, but I’ve found very, very little as to comments or testimonials outside of the site. I’d like to hear your thoughts and impressions of the service so far (we can discuss it privately if you are more comfortable). I’m thinking of going with a Gold Plan. I’m very tech savvy, and I’m on the major social media sites, but I’m not interested in using them (or my time, to be honest) to spam everyone.

        I use them for other functions than to sell my books. I do have some ‘author’ pages that aren’t my personal pages that I use for promotion, but I’m more interested in writing than spending my time taking care of that part. Hence, the Gold Plan option. They’ll be paid to do most of the work for me. And it isn’t that I’m lazy or a noob at social media, I just prefer to spend my time writing and paying someone else to edit, make covers, and promote me.

        Anyway, I’m hoping you can give me some feedback about your experiences so far with your IAN membership. Thank you!


        • Early days for me with IAN. So far, they have made good on their promise to retweet every tweet of mine that has the hashtag #IAN1. They also tweet out my page regularly. I’ve tried to be pretty proactive myself – tweeting out other authors, making my tweets interesting, tweeting out my own page etc. I’ve connected with quite a few other authors via their network. Naturally, we would all love to be connecting with readers but authors are readers too and there is benefits to creating a strong author based network. I would love to be able to say that being tweeting out to IAN’s vast network has resulted in many sales but that would not be true. I haven’t seen any bump in sales at all. My aim is more about exposure and recognition of my name and the titles of my books than it is direct sales. My belief, with all social media, is in the long game. The membership I took was relatively inexpensive (approx. 25.00 US) and I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Hope that’s helpful, Travis and I’m glad deep searching on google brought you to my blog.

  4. Oooh, chilly, crisp and spectacular. Lovely photos and congrats on finding a new group!

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