Anyone Active on Goodreads?


The Light Never Lies is sitting, oh so lonely,  over on Goodreads just waiting for readers to snap up a copy and put it on their virtual reading shelves. This activity is absolutely free!

If you use Goodreads, all you have to do is click on the button below the lovely 3-D image of The Light Never Lies in the column to your right and Bob’s your uncle as the saying goes. Thanks in advance for any clicks over to Goodreads.

Update on the frozen pipe issue – rain is pouring down, water is flowing once again, life is good. I’ll leave you with a beautiful image captured during our Christmas vacation time in the Fraser Valley.


14 comments on “Anyone Active on Goodreads?

  1. graypoet says:

    I logged into goodreads and marked it as want to read.

  2. Thank you very much, graypoet – the old saying, ask and you shall receive has done well with me today.

  3. Have bought but it may be a while til I can read it as I’ve just started a course and I’m pulling my hair out!! Looking forward to it though – I’ll keep you in the loop x

    • No problems, Gemma – you’ll get to it when you can and here’s hoping you enjoy the story when you do. Oh taking courses – always so great when they’re done 🙂 I love learning but the process can be so frustrating, at times. Good luck and do keep me in the loop.

  4. Gwen Stephens says:

    I’ve sort of fallen off the Goodreads wagon lately, Fran. But I went on and added your book to my queue. Glad to hear your plumbing is flowing again. We’ve got 40s in the forecast next week here in the Windy City. After the winter we’ve had, it may compel me to go to work in my swim suit.

    • I have a to-do list a mile long and getting more active on Goodreads myself is on that list! It is, ironically, I suppose, the social media platform I’ve had the greatest difficulty negotiating. Let’s hope the higher temperatures in your area don’t bring any other weather issues. The rain here is coming down pretty heavy – it isn’t unknown to have slides around here! EEEKKKK. (They only block the way out, which might not be so bad 🙂 )

  5. jane tims says:

    Hi Francis. I bought your first book on Kobo and will buy your new one once I’ve read the first in the series. Looking forward to it! Jane

    • Thanks so much for the support, Jane. I hope you enjoy Disappearing in Plain Sight.

      • jane tims says:

        Hi. It is on my Kobo and I am anxious to get started! jane

        • Well, that makes two of us 🙂 Here’s hoping you enjoy the trip to Crater Lake.

          • jane tims says:

            Hi Francis. I just finished ‘disappearing in plain sight’. I loved it. Your characters are quite real and through the whole book, I wanted to know more about them. I liked your approach of providing backstories throughout. I also liked the Emma Journal as a way of affirming what was happening to Lisa-Marie. The setting was lovely and made a good background for the action. Dan has no redeeming features. I am not sure if your second book is on Kobo, but I am about to find out! Jane

            • The Light Never Lies is only on Amazon for the moment. I chose to put it in the Kindle Select program. It won’t be available on Kobo for 90 days. So sorry! But I am so glad you enjoyed Disappearing in Plain Sight and I sure hope you will put your interesting thoughts into a review on Amazon. I laughed right out loud when I got to your take on Dan. My husband says you are so right! Thanks again, Jane. Made my day.

  6. Honestly Fran, I’m not on Goodreads. If I were to get involved in another aspect of social media, I don’t think I would have time to write anymore. That being said, I have your latest book on my Kindle and if I did have a Goodreads account, your book would be front and center on my shelf!

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