World Book Day in the UK


World Book Day in the UK is the first Thursday of March. Sending out well wishes to all the readers in the UK. Read – it matters. And while I’m on about books – huge congratulations go out to Joseph Boyden and his book, The Orenda, for winning this year’s Canada Reads Contest.  As Stephen Lewis, Canada Reads panellist, so eloquently stated,  The Orenda speaks to the original sin, the moment of injustice in Canada. It is a book that will change the way Canadians think.

4 comments on “World Book Day in the UK

  1. Oh Francis, nothing makes me more happy than seeing a shelf full of books! Happy World Book Day to the UK!

  2. arlene says:

    Would love to explore those titles!

    • We have an eclectic mix on that shelf, for sure. In years gone by we tried to arrange our bookshelves in some sort of thematic sense. That has sort of fallen apart and now any old book gets thrown on the shelf in any old spot.

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