Selling My Books: Francis Guenette’s Top Tip for Book Promotion

The latest stop on the blog tour – I discuss book promotion with Deb Young over on Off The Shelf. Remember – every comment gets you another chance at a free book.

Every Writers’ Wednesday, a successful self-published author shares a favourite book promotion tip here

Francis Guenette Meet Canadian author Francis Guenette

I’m delighted to welcome Canadian author Francis Guenette for the first in a series of conversations with self-published authors talking about the best way to sell more books.  Fran is the author of two excellent novels (read my reviews on my author blog here). Living and writing in the vast, sparsely populated countryside of British Columbia brings its own marketing challenges, and I really admire how Fran has capitalised on local opportunities to get books into bricks-and-mortar stores. 

Debbie Young: What is your all-time favourite top tip for book promotion? This needn’t be the one that has sold the most books – it might equally be one that you enjoy doing so much that it keeps you motivated for the rest of the book marketing grind!

Francis Guenette: Developing contacts…

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6 comments on “Selling My Books: Francis Guenette’s Top Tip for Book Promotion

  1. Lately I’ve been wishing that you would write one of those “Self Publishing for Dummies” type of books, to hand hold those of us who are about to jump in – a how to do it, from soup to nuts. I just read a book called “Is This Thing On?”, about using computers, written for people over the age of 65. it’s brilliant. She has a website And does speaking engagements all over the US. It would be a huge distraction from your series, but Oh, would I ever appreciate it!

    • Oh Susan – if only I had the time. I do plan to do a series of posts that go into more detail on the actual nuts and bolts of the publishing process this time around when I had a lot more control.

  2. Another good guest blog, Francis. :)) Here is the comment I left:

    A terrific interview. I really enjoyed getting the ‘inside scoop’! Thank you for sharing your valuable and hard-earned information!

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