Author Kristin Anderson’s double book review: Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies

A couple of really thought-provoking book reviews for the Crater Lake Series – Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies. Kristin Anderson’s take on the novel gave even the author a couple of ‘aha’ moments 🙂 This blog is another stop on the tour so get your comments in over on Kristin’s blog for a chance to win a book.

Author Kristin Anderson

Earlier this year, I announced that I would be delving into the world of Indy author book reviews. Since then I have acquired a diverse array of reading material, and it was difficult to choose whom to read first. But then I came upon the intriguing Crater Lake series by Indy Author Francis L. Guenette. Set in a lake side community in Canada, the Crater Lake Series currently comprises: Disappearing in Plain Sight (January 2013, Friesen Press) and The Light Never Lies (2014 Friesen Press).

Disappearing in Plain Sight by Francis Guenette

When I read the first chapter of Disappearing in Plain Sight, I knew that author Francis Guenette was an accomplished writer, but I was worried that I had signed up to read a teen romance. Instead, I discovered a book that explores relationships between friends, lovers, personal identity and the myriad factors that shape a person’s current…

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2 comments on “Author Kristin Anderson’s double book review: Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies

  1. Wow, Francis…your book is knocking it out of the park! I also read your husband’s comments over on Kristin’s blog. He sounds like an extremely nice, well-spoken man. 🙂

    Here is the comment I left over there:

    My goodness….a thorough, shining review! Francis must be on the moon at this point. Thanks, ladies!

    • Nice to see you checking into so many things on the blog, Hazy. Yah, the tour is going so well and I can hardly wait to share what a different experience it is to choose every site and every host. I am over the moon.

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