I’m a Lime Margarita. What Drink are You?

Lime Margarita - drinksguide.co

Check out my interview over on Words with Jam – the ezine for writers and publishers. A few great questions – like, what cocktail best represents my personality? You heard it on Words with Jam first, folks. Many thanks to J.J. Marsh and the Jam crew.

Drinking a Margarita on Olvera St. in L.A.

I really am a lime margarita Smile

9 comments on “I’m a Lime Margarita. What Drink are You?

  1. A Margarita of any stripe is fine with me 🙂 However, I don’t know that I’d identify myself with any mixed drink, more with a type of wine. (which is totally off topic, so I won’t elaborate!)
    Congrats on the interview, I peeked and it was well done. Sometimes short and sweet is best, eh?

  2. Read the interview-good for you! I am a huge lover of the margarita; but without the sour mix. Just tequila and lime juice for me!

    • Here’s to writing and then kicking back with the lime margarita. I feel a bit like Ernest Hemingway slumped on a bar stool in a dark little place in Cuba with the whir of the overhead fan chasing away the heat. Delicious. You must join me 🙂

  3. Great interview, Fran! I can’t wait to read the continuing story of Crater Lake.

  4. A fine interview, Fran. It helped in getting to know you better and I can so relate to learning the value of books by having a mother who read to us, although mine didn’t write. She certainly encouraged me to write from an early age, though. Congratulations! Gayle

    • Thanks so much, Gayle. Putting this tour together was a huge endeavour and I’m so pleased with all the different pieces – interviews, guest posts, and reviews. I do wonder if my regular readers will get a tad sick of me, me, me but I really want to repost and link to all the great hosts. Your comment makes me realize that we all want to know what makes each other tick. And on reading to kids – huge impacts, for sure.

  5. Can I join you too? I’m always good for a marg!

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