Book review – The Light Never Lies, Francis Guenette

Latest 5-Star Review for The Light Never Lies and yet another stop on my blog tour. Half-way through now, folks 🙂 I’ve been following Roy McCarthy’s blog, Back on the Rock, for some time. Loved his novel – Tess of Portelet Manor. You won’t go wrong by popping over and reading more of Roy’s stuff.

Back On The Rock

Francis Geunette did it again. It isn’t easy to emulate an impressive debut novel, but Guenette manages it very well simply by building on the same formula.

It is certainly advisable to have read Disappearing In Plain Sight as the residents of Crater Lake are reintroduced to the reader several months on. The often-complex relationships between the characters are the strength of these stories, and in one or two cases these have moved on. Izzy and Liam are now a firm item whereas the intriguing Beulah/Bethany relationship is showing signs of fracture.

We were left wondering what would become of young Lisa-Marie. We soon find out as she rocks up again at the remote Crater Lake location pregnant with Liam’s child. Well, I’ve never known the arrival of a baby have such a huge knock-on effect on a community. Major drama which involves Lisa-Marie’s aunt Bethany, Liam of course, Lisa’s sort-of…

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8 comments on “Book review – The Light Never Lies, Francis Guenette

  1. Gwen Stephens says:

    Lisa-Marie pregnant? Gah!

  2. My thoughts exactly, Gwen!

  3. Jet Eliot says:

    Francis, I just bought Disappearing in Plain Sight and look forward to beginning the series. Congratulations on the completion and publication of both these books!

  4. Hello, Fran: I’ve enjoyed following the various posts on your “tour” and the wonderful reviews of your work. Looking forward to reading them both ASAP, especially now that I have more reading time available. Continued success to you!

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