The Value of Courage – “42” A Movie about Jackie Robinson

I’ve brought my 200th post back in honour of April 15th – Jackie Robinson Day. A big shout out to all who struggle for acceptance against ignorance and bigotry. To paraphrase Margaret Mead – never doubt that one person can make a difference. It’s the only thing that ever has.


Jackie Robinson - Pasedena CA - throughtheluminarylens

The value of courage, my 200th post, the last day of 2013, baseball and a little taste from my upcoming novel – I have an eclectic mix of thoughts to share today.

When my kids were little, we had a set of books entitled, The Value Tales. These books featured people whose achievements fit the criteria of many important values – Believing in Yourself: Louis Pasteur, Helping: Harriet Tubman, Determination: Helen Keller, Kindness: Elizabeth Fry, Giving: Beethoven and many others. The book that was requested the most in our home was, The Value of Courage – The Story of Jackie Robinson.

Over the holidays, my husband Bruce and I had the opportunity to watch the movie “42” – The Jackie Robinson story. For the baseball lover, “42” is right up there with, The Natural and Field of Dreams.

That children’s book from long ago came to life…

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2 comments on “The Value of Courage – “42” A Movie about Jackie Robinson

  1. I re-blogged your wonderful post about the courage of Jackie Robinson. Thanks! 🙂

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