Book Review Friday – The Light Never Lies

Thrilled to re-post P.C. Zick’s 5-star review of The Light Never Lies from her Writing Whims blog. This is the last stop on my blog tour and that means your last chance to make a comment and get your name in for a free softcover copy of The Light Never Lies mailed directly to your door. After you read this great review, how can you resist?


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The Light Never Lies is the second in the Crater Lake Series by Francis Guenette, and last fall I read the first in the series, Disappearing in Plain Sight (click here for the review).

What a pleasure to come back to the stars of that first novel and watch as they interact with each other and the new characters that come to Crater Lake and the secluded landscape of Northern Vancouver Island, Canada .

There’s so much to love about Guenette’s writing and storytelling ability, including landscape descriptions, characterizations, and diverse conflicts.

The characters are all my friends now even if I don’t really like some of them all of the time. They are flawed; they are immature; they are secretive; they are unkind; they are human. Somewhere along the way, Guenette manages to take their flawed personalities and turn those…

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