My Latest Book Selling Venue: Alder Bay Resort


As a blue-sky day got underway, Bruce and I were off on a mini-road trip to explore a couple of new book selling venues. With the month of May winding down and June just around the corner, we want to get a toe into a couple of new resort locations to market and sell Disappearing in Plain Sight and The Light Never Lies. These drop-in visits are a lot like cold calls in any type of marketing – you just never know what might happen.


Alder Bay Resort turned into one of those cold calls that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. We were met on the wide and inviting porch of the office/store/residence by Rick, one-half of the ownership team. He was kicking back with a coffee and when we asked to speak to someone in charge he said, “I’ll call Jeannie – she’s just cleaning the toilets.” Like I always say – put a woman in charge – she’ll get the job done – any job that needs doing.

P1000260Jeannie welcomed us with a big smile and was more than enthusiastic about stocking both my books, displaying them in a prominent location and promoting them as the work of a local author. We were invited to take a walk around the grounds of the resort and stroll out on the dock to enjoy the views. Rick told us to try out the new path he had just carved into the bush leading out to a great view. Apparently, it’s not all coffee drinking on the veranda for Rick.


After taking numerous photos we wandered back and chatted with Jeannie  what it’s like to live on-site and run Alder Bay Resort. Coffee break obviously over, Rick was out and about on a landscaping task. Jeannie told us that neither she nor her husband ever takes the beautiful spot for granted. Just the past night a couple of Minke Whales had passed close to the shore. And then of course there’s the eagles and the cruise ships meandering right past their front door, through the water of Broughton Strait. What’s not to love?



P1000271Jeannie told us a great story that reflects her hospitality ethic. She always warns her workers to never judge a person arriving at the resort on first appearances or experiences. People have worked hard to carve out a time to holiday at Alder Bay Resort, usually for fishing. They are, after all, a destination fishing resort and have a worldwide clientele. Patrons will have spent hours or even days travelling to get to the resort. They are anxious and stressed and running on high octane to get their perfect holiday started. All these factors may not lead to a guest making the best first impression – especially if something is not just as they have dreamed it will be. Jeannie assures her staff, “Give the person a day or two. Let him (or her) get that boat in the water, spend a night hanging out around the camp fire and you are going to see a different person.” Sage advice, for sure.



Here’s a couple of quick bits of information on Alder Bay Resort and please check out their website. Enjoy the Northern Vancouver Island experience from one of the area’s most scenic facilities. Alder Bay is a full service waterfront campsite centrally located on a sandy beach between Telegraph Cove and Port McNeill and directly across Broughton Strait from historic Alert Bay. The Resort has full service RV sites, tent sites, a marina, a 2 lane boat launch, a sani station, a store and laundry facilities, showers, a fish cleaning station, fish freezing services, a separate kayak launch site, sandy beach and long term parking. Whew – that is the whole package for you fishing enthusiasts.


Oh, and by the way, you can pick up a copy of Disappearing in Plain Sight or The Light Never Lies at the resort store and wile away the hours by the campfire, or sitting out in your boat waiting for the fish to bite, reading stories that are steeped in North Island flavour and filled with fictional, local characters.


Check out these nifty driftwood trees they sell at the resort. All the pieces are numbered so you can take it apart, pack it up, get it home and reassemble. How great is that?


Throw that fish on the barbecue. Let’s kick back and enjoy!

13 comments on “My Latest Book Selling Venue: Alder Bay Resort

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  2. Gwen Stephens says:

    What an idyllic-looking vacation spot. I’m not a fisherman, but I could certainly unwind with that scenery to look at. We are working on where to go for our summer vacation, and BC is on the short list. So different from the hustle and bustle we are used to as big city folk. What a great post, Fran. This type is among my favorites that you feature.

    • I can’t say enough about beautiful BC when it comes to a great vacation spot. But then again, I just might be biased. So glad you like this kind of post, Gwen. They’re so much fun to put together and I love to write about the incredible places and people up here.

  3. You, my friend, live in and near paradise. Your photographs are stunning and so relaxing to view. I would move there in a heartbeat if I were retired or won the lottery.

  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Like Gwen ^ I’m no fisherman but I’d happily chill for a month or two at Alder Bay watching the boats roll out and rolling back again. Great of them to stock your books Fran.

  5. jackiemallon says:

    What a lovely home for copies of your novel. May it bring you success and happiness. 🙂

    • Here’s hoping (with my fingers crossed) that it’s a good year for fisher-people/readers at The Alder Bay Resort. Seems like a great combination of interests to me.

  6. P. C. Zick says:

    It’s a tough job, Francis, but so happy to see you embrace it. It sounds like a lovely spot to kick back.

    • Our approach to expanding marketing is somewhat casual. We have a trip down the Island planned for next week and we’re looking at a couple of places to check out on the way. Why not? We try to make it an enjoyable experience – maybe that rubs off on how the place markets the book. It’s all good.

  7. That looks lovely. I need a book selling venue like that. Mine too often rhymes with ‘sonline’.

    • Ya, I hear you. It sure is nice to be able to put ‘real’ books in different local places. I know many, many people are comfortable with ordering on-line but there are still a lot of people out there who just won’t. And those people tend to want a ‘real’ book they can pick up and flip around and read the back before they buy. Wouldn’t you love to kick back on a reclining chair with that Alder Bay view and read a book? I know I would. Let’s hope their summer patrons feel the same way.

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