Shout out for fellow blogger & Book Reviewer: What has been read cannot be unread

Book Reviewer LoveIf you are an avid reader on the lookout for reading material, please pop over and check out Marti’s blog – What has been read cannot be unread. The woman is a prodigious reviewer whose views on the books she devours are wonderfully riveting.

Marti is an American expat living in the central highlands of Mexico. From an early age, she has been a self-proclaimed voracious reader who welcomed with open arms the access to e-books provided by her Kindle.

Quick Facts – Marti’s been posting on her book review blog for a year now. It looks to me like she’s averaging more than a review a week across a wide spectrum of reading delights – self and traditionally published, old and new.  Her WordPress stats say she currently has 284 followers and I think she should have a lot more.

I find Marti’s reviews entertaining and reliable. She invariably finds something good to say about what she reads. At the same time, she doesn’t shy away from an honest opinion. Consider this quote: “There are a number of VERY strange and unusual books in the world. One of them is __________. (Sorry, no spoilers or singling out – you’ll just have to read Marti’s back catalogue to see what that’s all about.) And here’s another good one: I found this book disappointing in that it is not a guide to anything, except possibly the simplistic thought process of the author.

Marti’s style invites meanderings. Here’s a tidbit from her review on Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear

Maisie, a Londoner, is the daughter of a costermonger and his sweet wife, who died when Maisie was about 12 or so. OK, in case you don’t know what a costermonger is but don’t want to admit it, I’ll tell you. A costermonger is a street seller of fruit (such as apples) and vegetables, in London and other British towns. Still a few around, and we even have them here in Sunny Mexico. Monger means ‘seller’.”

Or this, her opening to a review of Charles A. Cornell’s, Dragonfly.

Dragonfly, Part I, is the first of a series of a Dieselpunk saga about World War II and Nazi Germany. It stars a feisty young woman pilot — and you all know how much I like a lady in a starring military role.

And one of my favourite Marti quotes from her post, Seven Story Lines I am Sick of

Let me say up front that I think most of the 100 books you must read before you die really belong on a “100 Books to Get Around to Reading If You’re Stuck in a Post Apocalyptic  Snowstorm and Have No Internet to Download More Books and Already Got Suckered Into Downloading These”  list.

Follow Marti on her reading journey – you won’t be disappointed. You will definitely discover some gems for your own e-reading pleasure and I dare you not to laugh out loud at Marti’s way of turning a phrase.

Reader statue - Guenette

4 comments on “Shout out for fellow blogger & Book Reviewer: What has been read cannot be unread

  1. Marti says:

    Oh, my goodness. I’m getting, like, all misty here. Thank you for your kind words Francis. Yeah, I read a lot, but I like to think of my blog as not so much ‘reviews’ as ‘uncontrolled ramblings of an undisciplined mind.’ I should read less and dust more. Again, thanks, my dear lady. You totally rock my socks.

  2. Roy McCarthy says:

    Love Marti’s humorous and biting style of writing – peeking from behind the sofa before I came up safe on the story line post 🙂 Have followed. with anticipation.

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