Location, Location, Location: Dianne Gray and Wolf Pear

Due to a few issues with WordPress related to my recently reformatted laptop, I’m not sure if this post went up in the Reader. I can’t find it – so I’m reblogging to make sure. Enjoy.


Cover of Wolf Pear

Today, I am delighted to welcome Dianne Gray to my Location Series. I’m not sure how I came upon her novel, Wolf Pear, but wow, am I ever glad I did. Location leaps off the pages and I defy anyone to read this novel and not want to travel to the places this Australian author so skillfully describes. You can find out more about Dianne’s novels by visiting her website. You can also keep up with her doings by taking a hop over to her blog.

Take it away, Dianne! 

Every morning I look out from my house and think, how could anyone not write about this place?

1 View from back of house

2 View from front of house

I live in a small country town in Tropical Queensland, Australia. The main produce is sugar cane, the scenery is spectacular, and the townsfolk make incredible characters.

Small sugar cane trains chug along the countryside and the fields are lush and…

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4 comments on “Location, Location, Location: Dianne Gray and Wolf Pear

  1. Rose says:

    No worries, it had. 😀

  2. diannegray says:

    Thanks again, Francis! 🙂

    I really hope your new formatted laptop is behaving 😉

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