Chasing Down the Night gets the Thumbs Up

Guenette - Inspiration for Chasing Down the Night

Beta-reader extraordinaire has completed Chasing Down the Night and she tells me this:

Your readers are going to be thrilled with this third book in the Crater Lake Series.

You can imagine who is thrilled by that comment Smile

Happy Dance all over the place this morning. She is in the process of putting together her detailed feedback and when I get that I’ll be able to determine how much time is still to be spent on rewrites. The third draft of the novel is also with my number two reader, husband Bruce. He’s a whiz at catching me out on any technical glitches.

I’ve already been working on some notes for the fourth and last book in the series. I had no idea when I first met these characters that they had the stamina for four books. A writer’s life is one of continual wonder.

I’ll leave you today with a shot of my current view. The beautiful Golden Ears Mountains in Maple Ridge – snow covered and reminiscent of my childhood. This is a view I grew up with. I’m having an unscheduled and thoroughly enjoyable visit with family.

Golden Ears - Guenette photo

8 comments on “Chasing Down the Night gets the Thumbs Up

  1. Gallivanta says:

    How wonderfully encouraging. No wonder a happy dance was in order.

  2. Dance away! Glad things are coming together for book 3 – wow, a book 4 in the future. I’m anxious to read them.

    • Thanks, Gayle. In the process of throwing off the writing hat to grab the editing one. Always a transition, for sure. I must now approach the work with such a different mind-set. And this is the stage when ideas for the next book just bubble up. I keep an ongoing ideas document open and jot them down as I go.


  4. P. C. Zick says:

    I’m ready! Congratulations.

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