Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Fran reviews Bend With The Wind by Suraya Dewing

A recent review for Rosie’s Book Review Team.

Rosie Amber

Today we have a review from Fran, she blogs at


Fran chose to read and review Bend With the Wind by Suraya Dewing


4 stars on Amazon

Title: Romance, Maori Traditions and Suraya Dewing’s Adept use of Language

Bend with the Wind is a novel that provides breathtaking descriptions of New Zealand locations, a good bit of history with an inspiring focus on Maori traditions and a romance that is not accepted on either side of a racial divide.

Sophie is a white, privileged, young woman who steps out of her own comfort zone and that of her parents when she falls in love with Joe, a Maori police man who has his own struggles – neither fully accepted by his Maori people or the white police force he is part of. The parts of the story I enjoyed the most revolved around the ways Sophie and Joe go…

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