Re-Release Party for Disappearing in Plain Sight


The re-release of Disappearing in Plain Sight under the Huckleberry Haven Publishing imprint has rushed along faster than I anticipated.

You can help me celebrate today by popping over to visit Disappearing in Plain Sight on  or Amazon UK or and, if you’ve ever been curious to read one of my books but haven’t yet taken the plunge, now might be the time to load up Disappearing in Plain Sight on your Kindle. Even a visit over to the site is a big help.

If you’ve already read Disappearing in Plain Sight – and thanks so much!! – and haven’t yet reviewed, now would be a great time to place a review up for the re-released version. Same book – only change is a new imprint. A review doesn’t have to be lengthy – just saying.

The assisted self-publisher is scheduled to take their version down on Feb. 23rd, so I expect some confusion will reign for the next couple of days while the old and new floats out there in the Amazon world. I am hopeful that my 30-plus, four and five star reviews will eventually find their way to the page of the newly released version.

A big shout of thanks to e-book formatter Doug Heatherly over at Lighthouse24 for yet another smooth and easy trip from my Word file to mobi and ePub versions of Disappearing in Plain Sight.

Okay, I’m off to celebrate yet another step in the self-publishing journey – all my books in my own hands when it comes to pricing and distribution decisions. Feels good.


15 comments on “Re-Release Party for Disappearing in Plain Sight

  1. smilecalm says:

    Enjoyed reading
    inspired writing
    caring message
    already reviewed!
    highly recommended 🙂

  2. Louise says:

    This is good news, Fran. Congratulations on this latest bold accomplishment. Here’s to Huckleberry Haven and you. Cheers, Louise

  3. Hey, no one’s posted a thing on Aamazon. I’ll get the ball rolling with something snappy. Is there a paper copy I can buy?

  4. Aw, shucks..
    FYI, ordinarily I’d get the e-book because of the time factor, but my laptop is having a tantrum and I don’t want to download anything, (I’ve got a few viruses to get rid of of)


  5. jackiemallon says:

    Will do, Francis. Off over there right now! Wishing you piles of sales! X

  6. Woo Woo! Glad to hear this has gone so smoothly. I know I put a review somewhere. I’ll check it out in a few days and be sure it lands on your new version.

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