Reviews Really Matter, My Friends

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The reviews are starting to come in for Chasing Down the Night and I’m pleased to share this one with all of you.

clip_image001A Worthy Third in the Crater Lake Series, 19 May 2015

By Mari Howard

This review is for: Chasing Down the Night: Volume 3 (Crater Lake Series)

     I’ve just read this great book. I loved it. It’s the 3rd in the Crater Lake series. I would not say that it is “YA” though many of the characters are just that, YAs.
     Young, really young, adults, might find it hard going and too near the bone. The relationships and lives and inner lives of everyone are pretty complex, reflecting the knowledge of the author who has worked in trauma counselling for many years, and written non-fictionally on the topic.
     There are a host of characters, (many whom readers will have already met) but Guenette never muddles the reader, she copes with her crowded canvas beautifully and competently.     Even if you haven’t read the 2 previous stories of Crater Lake, you can get inside this and just carry on, there is just enough to fill in the past but no tedious long explanations.
     It’s quite a page turner: the theme of the cougar mentioned at the very beginning carries the reader along through many other events weaving in just that bit of mystery and fearfulness. And, with just a hint (or more) that there is more to this world than we know by science.  Guenette also has a tremendous respect for the Native people – First Nation – of Canada, and for others who have arrived more recently from elsewhere … and also , for anyone who’s life has given them cause to be messed up, as we all are, by circumstances…Her story of a family gradually put together by mutual care and love is moving and optimistic without unrealistic expectations.
     In this well told story, every piece of angst and suspense is set against the wonderful landscape of the Pacific North West … giving a touch of irony without labouring the point. Life is never perfect for her characters … it is lived to the full but there is also sadness, loss, and lessons to be learned. At the end, there is a hint she may take her characters to England: I wonder if she will? And if so, how will she do with the greyness of London … and the wilds of Scotland? And as a Canadian, will she be able to get inside the British? Maybe I am wrong about this location move: we’ll see where she goes for the 4th novel if there is to be one!
Recommended read! (I read it on my Kindle)

As the title states, reviews really matter to a self-published author. I’ve recently read that if a book can make it past the magical number of thirty-five reviews, all kinds of amazing Amazon algorithms begin to place the book in front of customers. If you’ve read any of the Crater Lake books and enjoyed them, then please take a moment to pop over to Amazon and leave a review. It doesn’t have to be lengthy to count. Many thanks in advance.

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5 comments on “Reviews Really Matter, My Friends

  1. MariHoward says:

    Thanks for re-printing my review, Francis!

  2. P. C. Zick says:

    Mine soon to follow!

  3. I guess I was way behind on your blogs Fran. This is a wonderful review! I remember you mentioned it but hadn’t realized you posted it. luv … b

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