Self-Publishing’s Row to Hoe

Feel honoured that a lively comment section on my blog inspired this great post over on The Good, Bad and Ludicrous. I’d love to keep this particular conversation going.

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

I’ve been having a nice chat with Francis Guenette regarding the long road of stigma and criticism to be overcome by the self-published author, individually and as a group.

The chat reminded me of my son…

and his passionate support of Indie Bands from 2004-2008.

His reasons for the ‘why’ of it all made sense.

He was a guitarist and composer with his own dreams…

But he knew he could contribute to the Indie Band’s place in the world just by being a fan.

  • He spent his dollars on their merchandise instead of elsewhere.
  • He shared his love of their music with anyone who would stand still and listen.
  • He posted status reports at MySpace and pics of him and some Indie Band’s lead guitarist with their arms draped over the shoulder of each other, in camaraderie, during an intermission at last night’s show.

He, too, was playing a part…

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