Freebies to Celebrate My Third Blog Anniversary

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Today I celebrate my third anniversary as a WordPress blogger. I’ve written 367 posts in that time. I’ve managed to garner almost 2000 followers and I’ve had over 49,000 hits to the blog over that three year period.

The WordPress reminder of this anniversary spurs me on to acknowledge that there is reason to celebrate. This blog and me have come a long way, baby.

I started blogging to create some hype around the publication of my first novel – Disappearing in Plain Sight. The blog has been right along with me through the writing, rewriting and editing of two subsequent novels in the Crater Lake Series – The Light Never Lies and the newly released – Chasing Down the Night. Over time, my little piece of cyberspace has become so much more – a showcase where I’ve featured my grandkids, my travels, and my home. It has turned into a lively archive of my life.

To the many bloggers I’ve followed over the last three years – so many thanks for all the great posts. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve shared in your successes and learned from so many of you.

No celebration would be complete without gifts. If you are new to my blog and haven’t jumped on board to read any of the Crater Lake Books, let me know. Comment below or email me at – I’ll be pleased to send you a copy of my first book – Disappearing in Plain Sight (either mobi file for your Kindle or epub file). I’m confident that the breath-taking setting and the memorable characters will have you rushing to read the next two books!

146. Brit DPS at the Maple Ridge Dyke

Free Book News Flash – Add a comment that tells me why you’ve followed along with my blog through any portion of the last three years. All commenters names will be dropped in a hat and the winner will receive a softcover copy of the newest book in the Crater Lake Series – Chasing Down the Night.

I’m raising a glass of bubbly muscato – my all-time favourite wine – to offer a toast to all those who have followed along with me on this blogging journey. Whether it be publishing a novel or writing a post, readers make it all worthwhile. Many thanks.

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15 comments on “Freebies to Celebrate My Third Blog Anniversary

  1. Cathy says:

    Congratulations on three years blogging, Francis 🙂 I started following when I was lucky enough to review Disappearing in Plain Sight for Rosie Amber’s book review team. I love all the books and look forward to the next one! Cheers! 🍸🍸

  2. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! I am a new follower, found you via another blogger. As a writer who’s never been published (correction, I had a poem published in The CT Writer way back in the early 90s) I am inspired by your blog. I haven’t read Disappearing in Plain Sight. Would love to read it on my Kindle. Cheers to your success!

  3. rtvoice2013 says:

    congrats, may things continue to grow for you the next three

  4. Gwen Stephens says:

    I’ve been with you most of these last three years, Fran, and it was your journey toward publication that piqued my interest and drew me in. What I’ve learned since then, in no small part due to reading your posts, is the journey continues, and there’s always something new to learn or something that can be done better. I love the humble honesty of your posts, and you’re a pretty darn good storyteller, too. It’s what keeps me coming back for more. Happy Blogoversary!

  5. noelleg44 says:

    Congratulations! You are a model of success for the rest of us!

  6. I have just recently bought all three books and I’m eager to read them. I know I’m going to enjoy them, and I’m very glad to have been introduced to you through Bruce’s blog. The blogging community has become quite important to me. I’m still somewhat surprised at how “strangers” don’t stay strangers very long. 🙂 Congratulations on your blogging anniversary and your writing success. Debra

    • Thanks times three, Debra at Three Well Beings 🙂 If not for the connections made through the blogging world, I doubt I would have sold any e-books. And then of course, there are all the other benefits. I agree on the aspect of strangers becoming friends in ways I had never thought of. Hoping you enjoy your plunge into Crater Lake and I’d love to hear what you think when you’re done.

  7. Roy McCarthy says:

    You’ve worked hard at your writing and blogging Fran and deserve success for that alone, never mind the standards of quality that you maintain. Not sure now why/how I began following you but glad I did. No need for a prize thank you, I’ve read the lot plus your short stories 🙂

    • Many, many thanks for your support, Roy. I read somewhere that to ‘break through’ as an indie author a person needs 1000 core supporters. I can imagine hitting the big times with 1000 readers like you 🙂

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