Snake Cake, Anyone?

Brit's 4th birthday - Bruce Witzel photo

Every great story begins with a snake … (Nicholas Cage)

On this quiet Sunday afternoon, as the precious few hours of fall sunshine slips away, I’ve been searching through photos from the summer and smiling as I go. Back in those lazy, crazy days of August our small cabin was bursting at the seams with visitors and it was soon to be granddaughter Britney’s fourth birthday. I was prepared with cake mixes in the cupboard and loads of icing sugar, food colouring and sprinkles.

Two days before the big event, I asked her what kind of birthday cake she would like. I had bookmarked on Pinterest a fairly easy looking butterfly cupcake creation that I thought might be a possibility.

Like many conversations we have with children, I was ready to throw my suggestion on the table before Brit had even a moment to gather her thoughts. She didn’t give me the chance. She levelled her gorgeous blue eyes at me and said, “I have a snake cake, Gama.”

My own eyes widened in surprise. “A snake cake? Really,” I responded. “I was sort of thinking about a nice butterfly.”

Her blonde curls danced as she emphatically shook her head. “No, Gama. Snake cake.”

Being ever one to go with the flow, I said, “Okay, then, snake cake. What colour?”

Once again her response was immediate, as if this idea had been fully formed for some time. “Geen, Gama. I have a geen snake cake.”

Britney’s inability to say the letter ‘R’ often results in some darn cute sentences. Like the time she said, “Gampa Buce like geen, so I like geen, too.” Or when she asked me for geen gapes, Gama.

Brit's snake cake - Bruce Witzel photo

What the heck, who needs Pinterest? We made that green snake cake complete with shaped snake head, chocolate chip eyes and a bright red construction paper tongue. A unique cake for a very special four-year old who already understands the importance of going her own way.

Brit's photo booth - Bruce Witzel photo

Granddaughters Britney (age 4) and Emma (age 6).

10 comments on “Snake Cake, Anyone?

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Lovely story and super cake. A youngster in our family couldn’t say t. They came out as F. Unfortunately he adored trucks!

    • Oh yes, I remember when our young son had the same problem with T’s and chose to point out the truck outside the grocery store window in a loud toddler voice. Too funny. Good memories 🙂

  2. If only we could sometimes get into their heads. I wonder what promped the desire for a snake cake?

  3. noelleg44 says:

    Clever gramma! My daughter couldn’t pronounce Rs – it took a few sessions with a speech therapist to work through that. Pretty funny until then!

    • Yes indeed, these speech things (as long as they are transitory) bring a few laughs. And I must make a confession – I had lots of help with the cake. One of the many up sides of a houseful of people – lots of ideas and lots of helping hands.

  4. Behind the Story says:

    What a surprising thing to ask for! She’s creative like her grandma who figured out how to make a snake with cupcakes. I don’t know if I would have come up with that wonderful idea.

  5. Roy McCarthy says:

    Hmm, good thinking Fran. I’d have been a long time working out that way of making a snake. I’m sure Britney enjoyed it.

  6. P. C. Zick says:

    Why wouldn’t you grab the moon for those beautiful children? Snake cake is nothing.

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