Christmas Grotto – Maelstrom by Francis Guenette

Sally really goes out of her way for authors! Check out her Christmas Grotto post for my latest release – Maelstrom. Many thanks, Sally.

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Christmas GrottoFrancis Guenette is the author of The Crater Lake Series. Disappearing in Plain Sight, The Light Never Lies and Chasing Down the Night.

Maelstrom her latest novel was published earlier this month.

About the book.


A shot is fired into the still night air and a young woman dies on Suicide Ridge. A dangerous game has begun. Over the course of one blistering, hot week, winds of change sweep through an isolated valley in small town America.

Sheriff Bert Calder, with the help of Mayor Amos Thatcher, has held the town of Haddon under his thumb for twenty-five years. As things spin out of control, Calder works the angles, ensuring he can make the most of the upheaval that is to come.

Rafael Destino, facing his own mortality, races against time to gain control of the railroad – a lifeline essential to the town’s survival. His goal – to…

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2 comments on “Christmas Grotto – Maelstrom by Francis Guenette

  1. Congratulations! Looks like some great Christmas reading 🙂

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