Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review of Maelstrom

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I recently broke one of my rules and paid for a review of Maelstrom. Okay – hold the gnashing of teeth. I didn’t pay for the actual review. I paid to have my book pushed up the ridiculously long queue so that I could have a review in a short turn around. I felt the need of an independent take on my book in a timely fashion. I got what was promised – the opinion of my reviewer, someone who doesn’t claim to be an expert literary critic or professional editor, but who is an avid reader of books like mine. Fair enough. I got the promised 5-star glittery badge (only awarded to 4 or 5 star reviews). And I got a review that is mine to use as I see fit. So, here goes! 

Maelstrom, by Francis Guenette, begins when a young woman dies of a gunshot wound. This one incident starts a series of events in which old rivalries are revealed, power plays are made and things go downhill. In a small town, big things are happening and they are happening fast. Lives are turned upside down.

This novel is a highly entertaining story that reads like a maelstrom. I was taken by the author’s wit and the way she played with words. If you are reading this novel, you will know what I mean. The title fits perfectly with the story and plot lines. It has drama, crisis and some devious men who need to be put in their places.

Sometimes, a reader can feel a writer’s dedication to their work. Maelstrom is one such novel that makes this clear. Guenette is an extremely talented writer. The book is  interesting. Seriously interesting. A great action packed drama that keeps the reader entertained.


6 comments on “Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review of Maelstrom

  1. Well done, my friend. Congratulations…well deserved. Thanks for sharing, Fran.

  2. noelleg44 says:

    Congrats, Francis!

  3. I love it when readers take their time to craft a great review. Congrats!

    • Me, too 🙂 And I wish readers could see that a review doesn’t have to be something fit for their literary honours paper. An honest, little opinion piece that gives a reader’s reaction to the book is all that is required.

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