Tuesday Book Blog–Binnacle Bay

Cover for Binnacle Bay

Title: Binnacle Bay by Sue Harker

Genre: Seaside Suspense, Action, Crime, Thriller

25 Amazon Reviews with a 4.3 average – not bad!

My Four-Star Amazon Review

A prominent architect is dead in the kitchen of his stunning seaside home. His wife is missing. Police Chief Patrick Fitzlaff is landed with an investigation that will stretch to the limit his personal relationships and professional boundaries.

Author Sue Harker has hit on a winning formula with her debut novel, Binnacle Bay – mysteries to unravel, a lively cast of characters and a lazy, little seaside town that jumps off the pages due to her lavish attention to detail. There were times when I simply closed my eyes to savour the smell of an offshore breeze, the sound of breaking waves or the atmosphere of a meal in a picturesque café. This author makes the canning of peaches a sensuous a read!

I was left wanting more. By the end of the book I still hadn’t a firm grip on some of the characters I thought I should know better. It wasn’t that loose ends weren’t adequately tied up. Perhaps some of the attention to location detail could have been applied to the characters. It is not necessarily a bad thing to leave a reader wanting more. I will definitely put the second book in this series on my reading list.

Binnacle Bay on Amazon.com – check it out, read the Look Inside preview chapters and if a cozy, little, seaside thriller suits you, consider putting this book on your to-be-read list.

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