Tuesday Book Blog–Hard Prejudice

Hard Prejudice cover

Title: Hard Prejudice (Dan Reno Series – Book 5) by Dave Stanton

Genre: hard-boiled crime, mystery, thriller, suspense

Amazon Reviews: 13 reviews on Amazon.com with a 4.3 average

My Four-Star Review:

Private investigator Dan Reno – that’s Reno as in no problemo – quite the promo line for a no holds barred, take no prisoners type of PI. In Dan Reno, author Dave Stanton has created a complex character who thinks nothing of hanging the bad guys out over a cliff to get some answers but at the same time experiences uncomfortable inner thoughts and haunting dreams.

This is my first Dan Reno novel and I had no trouble catching up on the investigator’s life and past exploits. Starting in on this series is doable from any point. This author caught my interest with an early metaphor – eyes brittle as puddles of ice. Just words – right? But oh the way they are arranged. Well done.

Even if you aren’t in this novel for the jam-packed action, car chases, smack-downs with the various bad guys, steamy descriptions of attractive ladies and the quick as lightening repartee between Reno and his counterpart PI, Cody – the landscape depictions are breathtaking. I love the area around Lake Tahoe travelling through to San Jose. Dan Reno is on a case that requires more than a couple of trips back and forth. Pines rise like black ghosts, the sun sets like a jagged chunk of white-hot steel and clouds turn silver and blood red as they break up like sheets of glass shattering in slow motion.

All and all, an action-packed thriller that delivers the goods.

Check out Hard Prejudice (or any book from this series) and get acquainted with no problemo Dan Reno.

3 comments on “Tuesday Book Blog–Hard Prejudice

  1. Well-written review! I like the descriptions you’ve quoted.

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