Home Sweet Home to the Rain and Storms

Storm at the lake - Guenette photo

Home sweet home … never have those words resonated so strongly for me than my first night back in my own bed – requisite number of properly shaped pillows in place, my body comfortable against softly-worn, flannel sheets and the steady sound of rain against the skylights. Yes, indeed, it is good to be home.

I’ve been spending a lot of time comfy in my bed. My doctor tells me that it can take up to two months to recover from a bout of traveller’s tummy that resulted in the dehydration I described. Who knew?

Resting has given me lots of time to observe North Island rain-slashed storms and the subsequent rising of the water on the lake. I watch with interest rather than worry because our cabin is situated high up on a cliff above the water. This morning I awoke to a novel sight. Though I’ve spent twenty-three years here, I’ve never seen so many trees and logs floating on the lake – a veritable flotilla of moving debris. The migration of fallen trees that mark the shores around the lake happens almost every fall but this year is something new in terms of sheer volume. We cross our fingers and hope that most of it passes by us. We well remember the huge log that plunked down on almost half our beach and stayed for about eight years. It floated off two years ago and we were happy to wave goodbye.

Today will find me glued to the internet reading and listening to the latest news on the election results coming from our neighbours to the south. cbc.ca/news will be my venue of choice. In Canada, the image of the mouse living in the shadow of the elephant has a certain significance. We hold our breath and wait.

CBC US Election Coverage

On a final note – how can it possibly be November 8th already? Remembrance Day is just around the corner and Christmas not far behind. Does anyone else feel time racing by? I’ll sign-off with this gorgeous photo taken at Zion National Park. These native flowers springing from the surrounding rock cheer me!

Native Flowers at Zion park (2) - bruce witzel photo

24 comments on “Home Sweet Home to the Rain and Storms

  1. Behind the Story says:

    Wow! I’m sorry your traveler’s tummy is taking such a toll.

    I like your stormy lake photo. Down here in Western Washington State, the weather has been slightly unusual. Even though October seemed quite beautiful and often sunny, it was the rainiest October on record for us. Now, on election day, we may break record for high temperature. It’s still morning, and it’s already in the mid-sixties.

    • Well, for election day – at least you had the sun. I’m feeling much better as the week winds down and certainly getting tired of sitting around listening to the news! Itching to get back to work on several fronts. Thanks so much for the empathy, Nicki.

      • Behind the Story says:

        Unfortunately the sunshine on November 8 is now forgotten, but the results of the election are hanging over us like a big black cloud.

  2. Stuart Campbell says:

    Always good to be home, Fran. I’ve just started on The Light Never Lies. I’ll report back soon !

  3. Jane Fritz says:

    Oh dear, sorry to hear about your tummy issues. That’s important for people to know about; a few months to recover is a long time. I also love to travel but really love to be back home again. Amazing storm pic.

    • Thankfully, it seems our storms are past though we are still under a very rainy and grey sky. I am beginning to wonder if maybe I love the idea of travel more than the reality. Always love to see your smiling picture in the comment bar. Thanks for stopping by, Jane.

  4. MariHoward says:

    Glad to hear you are home and hopefully recovering now. We have bated breath here in the UK also, about the USA election.

    • I may cope by turning off the news and immersing myself in something else entirely. When one can do little, I often think denial is underrated. Those ostriches have something going for them – where is the sand? Just kidding but I think you know what I mean.

  5. Hope you are feeling better – resting is good. I just finished Book 3 in the series – I am in love with these characters and didn’t want the book to end! Thanks for bringing me these new literary friends.

    • Many thanks for the kind words and loving reception of my books 🙂 I am pleased to have introduced you to some new literary friends and look forward to bringing along a couple of new ones in book 4.

  6. tlynn737 says:

    Hope you are feeling better – resting is good. I just finished Book 3 in the series – I am in love with these characters and didn’t want the book to end! Thanks for bringing me these new literary friends.

  7. Gallivanta says:

    Glad you are safely home. Hope it brings you a return to full health.

  8. noelleg44 says:

    Get well soon, Francis, and don’t take that election too seriously. The US has survived many of them! What a beautiful place to recover – the scenery is spectacular!

    • Many have given good ideas about coping but I think what resonates with me is pinning a simple safety pin on my shirt and honouring what that means – the idea that I stand in solidarity with those who feel unsafe in these uncertain times. Thanks for the well wishes, Noelle.

  9. smilecalm says:

    wishing you calmness
    after the storm 🙂

    • But what to do, my friend, about the storm that doesn’t pass? Denial, the safety pin, rage against the machine – I don’t know. Under rainy skies, my health improves. I turn off the news and get busy. What else is one to do?

      • smilecalm says:

        i also experience the never ending
        storm & it’s unpleasant feeling, Francis.
        keeping our little light shining is our joyful task, which most often,
        especially when storms are bigger than us,
        is in need of loving support from others. may you feel supported
        by loved ones & nature today 🙂

  10. diannegray says:

    It’s amazing how we can notice things we’ve never noticed before when we have to stay indoors and rest for a while. Your lake looks fantastic and I really hope you’re feeling much better soon xxxx

    • Thanks, Dianne. I’m getting there, she said as a coughing fit laid her low over the keyboard. Oh well, it takes time. Loads of time for thinking and that can’t be bad for a writer.

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