Free Book Offer: May 8-10, 2017

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Here’s your chance to grab the first book in the Crater Lake Series free of charge.

A Novel to Deepen One’s Humanity – Amazon reviewer

I rarely read contemporary novels (Marge Piercy and Barbara Kingsolver being notable exceptions), but once I read the first chapter of this one “just to check it out,” I was hooked. The psychologically-true and compassionate descriptions of each unique, complex character, blended with the real-life-like plot twists, kept me eagerly reading on. I resonated with the wisdom of the life lessons and insights each character developed, and their processes of growth and discovery catalyzed new insights in me. I appreciated the multisensory richness of the scenery, creating a vivid setting in which these extraordinary “ordinary” people move, stumble and grow in deeply realistic and moving ways. The plotting is intricate and well-woven, easy to follow if one pays attention — which is easy because the characters are so engaging and interesting. I grew to care about them, so I’m glad there’s a sequel. Best of all, I was reminded that everyone has a story, and if one knows these stories, one can never judge another human being, even while deploring some of the things they do. Reading this book, taking in the courage, vulnerability, and honest communication amongst the characters as the story progressed, I felt my own humanity was deepened.

Fourth book – No Compass to Right – is available now as a pre-order for release on June 1, 2017.

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9 comments on “Free Book Offer: May 8-10, 2017

  1. Reblogged this on through the luminary lens and commented:
    The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite movies. Two convicts are talking . . . Andy says to Red, “I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying”. A good bit of wisdom for each of us…

    My wife’s Crater Lake Novels series follow similar threads. If you haven’t yet delved into it, for the next three days she is offering the first in the series for free. A burly logger friend of mine said to this to me after reading Disappearing in Plain Sight – “It really makes me think.”

    You may (or may not) realize that in supporting indie authors, artists and musicians like this, it helps them become much more visible on social media. Please click onto Fran’s blog (below)for the free links. Francis has a background as an educator, a university researcher and a trauma counselor.

    Oh, and by the way – if you don’t have a kindle it’s easy to get a free app for your computer.

    I’ll get back here at a later date, to tell you more about installing our energy system (Part 2). As for now, it’s time to get busy living.

    Peace, wellness and good cheer – Bruce

  2. Reblogged this on Unexpected in common hours and commented:
    This is a wonderful series! I’ve read the first 3 books (number 4 comes out soon) and loved them! You can get the first book in Francis Guenette’s Crater Lake series free right now.

  3. arlene says:

    How do we get the free book? Is it an e-book? Thanks!

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