2 comments on “Rainbows, Wind Chimes and Editing

  1. I enjoyed this and so agree. But next to last paragraph: “that occurs when you examine at a single word”….had to say my eye was snagged by that “at”! ;). I am always finding more typos and unexpected words or erroneous punctuation or wrong names or… ugh.
    You write so well and I hope your new novel does well. I need to pick one up on Amazon or in a bookstore and see what your series is all about. (Do you ever have “giveaways”?)

  2. You hit the editing nail on the head with that observation, Cynthia and many thanks. That error has been corrected but, as you say, I am sure there will be more and more in the wings. I just did a free promotion on the first book of the Crater Lake Series. I’m sorry you missed it. Best wishes.

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