Home and Happy

Clematis in full bloom

Will you look at that clematis in full bloom right outside the kitchen door! Wow!

It’s been two weeks since I came home from my travels in southern Alberta. From the land of rolling fields of canola, rodeo broncs and shiny buckles, cowboy culture and prairie winds to my Vancouver Island, lakeside cabin. I had some wonderful time with kids and grandkids. Life is good.

Kristen and Me

Me and my lovely daughter, Kristen enjoying music in the park.

Canada Day Cuties

My Canada Day cuties – Emma and Brit.

High River rodeo

They’re wearing that Alberta look well – daughter – Kristen, son-in-law – Matt, and granddaughters – Emma and Brit.

So – enough of holiday antics. I thought I’d share a few highlights from the last couple of weeks at home.

Fresh Salad Greens

Fresh salad greens from the garden is a big treat! The lettuce, radishes, baby kale and chives make an attractive side dish.


Lots of work for the head gardener but it sure pays off.

Lower Garden

Vegetables aren’t the only thing in the garden these days.

Oh my, bear and Buddha

Bear and Buddha – east meets west Smile

Bear and apple tree cha, cha, cha Bear and apple tree – cha, cha, cha. For this dance the bear is definitely leading.

Bleeding Heart

The last of the Bleeding Heart in the woodland garden.

9 comments on “Home and Happy

  1. Enjoyed that mix of events and scenes–always lovely to see on’es family! The bears don’t bother you, get into your home? Great shots of this one.

    • I can’t say the bears don’t bother us – that dance with the apple tree had my husband, Bruce, throwing everything on the deck in the bear’s direction. We are both practicing with a sling shot and a bucket of rocks as non-toxic or overly-injurious deterrent. I don’t hold out much hope for apples, though. Thanks for reading and commenting, Cynthia.

  2. MariHoward says:

    Amazing Crater Lake stuff back at home! And nice to see the family shots too.

  3. Great photos, Fran! We will be stopping in Vancouver for two nights enroute to Alaska in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see your part of this wonderful world!:-)

    • So excited for you, Mark. Two nights in Vancouver will be great. Hope you get a few glimpses of what makes Vancouver such a special city – the Pacific ocean lapping nearby, the mountains, the trees – a walk on the Stanley Park seawall 🙂 Enjoy.

  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Great selection of pictures Fran – there’s no denying it’s a great season for nature. You’re confident that bear’s not going to eat you sometime?

    • I’m fairly confident that bear is not after us 🙂 Not so sure of getting any apples this year. In a battle of wills between bears and fruit trees, it is not often the tree that wins. With nature all around us here, it is truly a great season. Thanks for stopping by.

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