Book Selling in Picturesque Telegraph Cove

Book Selling at Telegraph Cove

This past weekend, we were off to sell books at the annual Boardwalk Craft Sale at the Pacific Ocean playground of Telegraph Cove. Please check out the link to the Telegraph Cove website. You will be amazed at the variety of outstanding west coast wilderness experiences they offer. The video of the grizzly bear tours will take your breath away.

It may be best to let the images of the day tell this story!

Telegraph Cove 3

The morning started out heavy with mist.

Telegraph Cove 9

There isn’t a direction you can look in that isn’t picture worthy.

Telegraph Cove 4


Telegraph Cove 7

We got a great shot of Sointula artist, Marian White at work.

Telegraph Cove 8

Kayaking anyone?


Yvonne Maximchuk – book writer and watercolour artist set up a great display of her work. Her husband, Albert, is the potter!

Telegraph Cove 6

A perfect location, great chats with so many book enthusiasts and reconnecting with many local North Islanders – components of a perfect selling day. It was heart warming to have many people walk by, point at my books and call out to me, “I’ve read the first two … just getting into the third.” And variations on that theme. Home town recognition is quite the thrill.

9 comments on “Book Selling in Picturesque Telegraph Cove

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Such a lovely place to sell one’s artistic wares.

  2. evelynralph says:

    Lovely. Memories of Ontario flooding back, the mist, the nice people, a quieter form of life.

  3. MariHoward says:

    Looks a wonderful place , ‘Crater Lake’, huh? That mist reminds me of our favourite sea-mist place – West Cornwall (ties with the Yorkshire Dales, both a real favourites!) Craft Fairs are such fun!

  4. jane tims says:

    Looks like fun. Love the kayak photo. I’ve read the first three, half way through the third!

    • The kayaks were great 🙂 So many people, young and old, out on the water enjoying all the sights up close and personal. Many thanks for your reviews on as you’ve worked your way through, for the second time, I might add! Can’t wait for your thoughts on the fourth novel.

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