What’s Over the Top Great About Fall on the North Island

Blue fall skies

When it comes to the words – there’s no place like home – climate is definitely on my agenda. I was in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago and the temperature was in the mid-30’s. Wow! Not what I was expecting. I returned to High River, Alberta, in time to get my sweaters out and got home only just in front of the snow flying. So – what’s so great about fall on the North Island? Where do I start? How about with blue skies and great views.


Fall colours and the flowers in the garden are still going strong.

Fall colours - Gold's Nine Bark

Fall flowers

Fall flowers 2

Fall flowers 3


Pink Hydreangea

Our garden is still producing and now that I’ve caught up with pounds of tomatoes sitting everywhere, I can enjoy planning meals around all the wonderful fresh food we are picking daily.


Fall lettuce

Fall carrots

Today's produce pickings

And speaking of meal planning – solar cooking chicken thighs in homemade salsa today!

Salsa chicken thighs

Sun Oven

Best of all – no bugs to speak of, pleasant t-shirt weather and I can still dry clothes on the line. It’s all good.

Laundry on the line in Oct.

11 comments on “What’s Over the Top Great About Fall on the North Island

  1. noelleg44 says:

    Makes me want to be there, Francis. We have the dogwood trees with their burnished red leaves and their bright red berries but I am still swimming outside in our pool (although the heater is having a hard time keeping up – I’ll have to close it down soon.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Love thecolors!😊

  3. Gallivanta says:

    Absolutely all good. Everything looks wonderful. No bugs, but how about bears? Are they tempted by the garden goodies?

  4. MariHoward says:

    Ooh, your Fall looks inviting! Here in Oxford UK we have far too many grey sky days and it is chilly – though my garden is full of flowers (mainly Rudbekia!) and I saw a butterfly there today … Not T-shirt weather any longer – unless under a jersey. Blackberries here stopped around beginning of September – we picked the fruit in July and made jam …

    • This is a different fall than we’ve had for a few years. What you are describing – cloudy skies and the blackberries done by early Sept. is more like what we are used to. Today the weather has turned so I am thinking of the inevitable fall storms and enjoying my garden photos – LOL.

  5. Roy McCarthy says:

    What an array of colour Francis. I imagine it has taken (and takes) a huge amount of devoted work to get things looking so well. I’d happily enjoy those surroundings but I’d be totally hopeless and unmotivated when it came to the hard work bit 🙂

  6. Absolutely stunning! Room for visitors? 🙂 @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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