Storyboards and a Free Book!

Giving up the Fight

Well, the storyboard is up on the wallSmile Serious work on the 5th novel in the Crater Lake Series has begun.

If you’ve been following my Author Facebook page or my Twitter feed, you’ll know that this weekend you can grab the 4th book in the Crater Lake Series FREE! No Compass to Right is just waiting to be downloaded to your Kindle device or app. Go for it and Happy Holidays.

Five Star Amazon Reveiw:

Wow, I went through this series unable to stop, in love with the setting, each and every character, their stories, their hopes and dreams, and wishing there was yet another book. Lovely writing, Ms. Guenette! Thank you. link link

Amazon UK link

NO COMPASS TO RIGHT corrected version with corner alignment grid (original Jpeg )

2 comments on “Storyboards and a Free Book!

  1. Roy McCarthy says:

    Those Post-Its really work for you don’t they? I think, with your complex inter-relationships, something like that is needed. I’ve abandoned Scrivener for my latest WIP and have reverted to Word, using ‘Headings’ (your suggestion) to help with navigation.

    • Hey, Roy – I think I missed responding to this comment. The post-its really do work for me. I tried Scrivener and though it has multiple capabilities I wasn’t close to tapping, it didn’t work for me the way the storyboard, the post-its and my Word files do. So glad you made use of the Word Headings ideas. Best of 2018. Good writing.

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