Hummingbirds and Freebies

Hummingbird Magic

In Haida legend hummingbirds bring joy and healing. We commonly encounter the Rufus Hummingbird in our area of Northern Vancouver Island. In early spring these little energy-powerhouses leave their wintering grounds in Mexico and find their way north following the early sea level blooms of red flowering current and salmonberry.

The males, distinguished by their bright red neck markings, arrive first. They stake out their feeding territory and defend it with gusto. I’ve seen this phenomenon first hand. The little guy below maintains an ongoing post perched on the edge of our butterfly chimes right next door to the feeder. He is relentless in driving off the other hummingbirds that come around. Though every now and then, a group of five to six females will work together to take over the feeder for a few hours.

IMG_2401 (2)

Quick note – Disappearing in Plain Sight, 1st book in the Crater Lake Series, is FREE through midnight June 8th. It is trending right now at #1 in literary fiction sagas in the Amazon free store. Here’s you chance to get a jump on some highly-rated summer reading.

Crater Lake Series Banner

Freelance editor, Sarah Stewart, describes the novel in the following way:

I read upwards of ten books a month in my work as an editor and it’s quite rare for me to encounter a story that stays with me for months afterward. This book did just that rare thing for me … I crave getting enveloped in a story, one that is entertaining and well-paced, but intelligent too. I love it when novels deal in equal measure with interpersonal relationships/ romances and more systemic issues such as bullying, trauma, and oppression. As such, I devoured this story, felt attached to the characters, and was sorry when it was over. Not to mention that her beautiful prose me yearn for the rugged west coast that I’d moved from not long before I read it. These are all marks of a wonderful book for me. Disappearing in Plain Sight is well worth reading.

Here’s hoping you enjoy this free offer and all the joy and healing magic that hummingbirds bring.

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13 comments on “Hummingbirds and Freebies

  1. evelynralph says:

    Reblogged this on evelynralph and commented:
    Lovely review, wonderful hummers. Well done.

  2. Quite lovely photos! I love hummingbirds as well and they feed recently at our new sugar water feeder. Have yet to snap a good picture. I’d love to get a free book of yours, Francis, and will try for one.

  3. –Oh, dear, I don’t own Kindle or other reading devices so would need hardcover or paperback.

  4. Debra says:

    I love hummingbirds and enjoyed seeing your sweet beauties! I posted earlier this week about a backyard hummingbird rescue I was fortunate to experience last Friday! For the first time I was holding an Allen’s hummingbird in my hand. We shared a very meaningful “conversation” I’m not soon to forget! They are incredibly dear! I have truly enjoyed the Crater Lake series, Francis. You’re very generous in offering free access to “Disappearing in Plain Sight.”

  5. Behind the Story says:

    Congratulations on the success of Disappearing in Plain Sight. And, you couldn’t ask for a better review than Sarah Stewart’s.

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