My Fave Bernie Memes

Because I can’t help myself! A huge thank you to all the creative people out there coming up with these great memes. A chuckle goes a long way these days.


If you follow the news in Canada, you will know that we recently had our Governor General resign under a large cloud. Bernie now occupies her seat and he does it well.


Nothing like seeing Bernie on the front lines.


Got to love Bernie in The Sound of Music.


Melting at the sight of this one!


And there you have it, an end to the madness. Likely to happen to anyone who shows up in the far North sitting on a folding chair. Bye, bye, Bernie.

8 comments on “My Fave Bernie Memes

  1. Jane Fritz says:

    The polar bear one is my fave!

  2. Behind the Story says:

    These are hilarious! I hadn’t seen any of them. Have you seen the one with multiple Bernies singing sea shanties? That’s a good one.

    • I will definitely have to check the sea shanties out. It is nice to see people use their creative spirit for memes that are just straight up good fun. Apparently, Bernie’s mittens have raised a whole lot of money for charity. Good stuff all the way around.

  3. noelleg44 says:

    Francis, this is just a hoot! I’ve been seeing Bernie memes everywhere but yours are the best!

  4. Debra says:

    I have found all the Bernie memes absolutely delightful! So fun. There is an app here in the U.S. (maybe elsewhere) that puts Bernie in front of your own house. I was having fun sending him to many of my friends’ homes. I think we were all desperate for a little levity! 🙂

    • Nice to see you, Debra. I completely agree – it was Bernie, looking like Bernie and lending himself (after the fact and with good nature) to exactly what people needed – a good laugh. Oh man, I would love to put Bernie in front of our cabin. I laughed even harder when I heard him say in an interview, “I was just trying to keep warm.” Of course you were. Funny man 🙂

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