5-Star Review of Disappearing in Plain Sight

DPS - Cover - Guenette

As I revel in the re-release of Disappearing in Plain Sight under my own author imprint (Huckleberry Haven Publishing), I wanted to share one of the first reviews I received for this book. As you can imagine, Sarah Stewart’s thoughtful 5-star review on Amazon.ca meant a lot to a newly published author!

I read upwards of ten books a month in my work as an editor (and my life as a book lover), and it’s quite rare for me to encounter a story that stays with me for months afterward. This book did just that rare thing for me. Though I read the book in the fall, one day recently I found myself wondering about a couple of its characters in the same way I wonder about old friends I haven’t heard from for a while. “How’s she doing?” I thought about Lisa Marie, one of the book’s protagonists.

I crave getting enveloped in a story, one that is entertaining and well-paced, but intelligent too. I love it when novels deal in equal measure with interpersonal relationships/ romances and more systemic issues such as bullying, trauma, and oppression. As such, I devoured this story, felt attached to the characters, and was sorry when it was over. Not to mention that her beautiful prose made me yearn for the rugged west coast that I’d moved from not long before I read it. These are all marks of a wonderful book for me. Disappearing in Plain Sight is well worth reading.

Please take a moment to visit an Amazon site of your choice and check out the re-release of Disappearing in Plain Sight. So many little actions help a new listing on Amazon and a click through to view is always good.




I’ll leave you today with one of my favourite signs of spring. A delicate crocus poking out to the sun.

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We live in interesting times . . .

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I seem to be having more than a few captivating experiences as I sit in my writer’s chair contemplating the lake.

I have been featured as a guest author on Pamela Cook’s blog – Flying Pony. Please check out my first blog interview – Pamela asks the most intriguing questions. I was thrilled to be invited. Pamela is the Australian author of Blackwattle Lake.

On another front, I have now chalked up three five-star reviews on various Amazon sites for Disappearing in Plain Sight. Funny thing about Amazon – marketing giant that it is – reviews listed on one Amazon country site don’t necessarily transfer over to other sites, though it does seem that reviews on Amazon.com are available to Amazon.ca and Amazon.uk.

Click on the book jacket for Disappearing in Plain Sight to your right and you’ll be directed to the Amazon.ca site where you can read all three reviews.

For me, the highlights of these reviews are comments such as,

“I couldn’t put this down!! I was quickly drawn into the lives of the complex characters in this beautifully written novel.”

“ . . . once I started to read this book I didn’t want to stop. I read until 2 o’clock in the morning, which is two and a half hours past my normal bed time. I shut my Kindle off and tried to go to sleep, but I was so captivated by the story that I couldn’t shut my mind down. It took me a long time to drift off and when I woke up in the morning, I made coffee, grabbed my Kindle and continued reading.”

I’m sure all the writers will understand why these comments make my heart skip a beat. We all want most desperately to be read in such a way that readers say they couldn’t drag themselves away from the world we brought to life for them. It’s how I’m feeling right now reading Linda Gaillard’s book, A Lifetime Burning. I’m having a hard time putting it down. Please check out Linda’s Facebook Page. She’s an amazing author.

So, there you have it – I am living in somewhat interesting times these days. I’m leaving you with a photo of our cat – Leonardo. We recently marked the one year anniversary of his death. I’m not overly sentimental about animals, but I will say – Leonardo was a good cat.