A Weekend Comes and Goes

It’s been a busy weekend around here! Getting Bruce all set-up with his own photography blog – Through the Luminary Lens  For those of you who don’t know, Bruce is my husband and the guy who has taken almost all of the great photos I feature on this blog. Hopefully now that he is out on his own he won’t get greedy and deny me access to his work.

We’re trying not to be each other’s sock-puppets   but it’s just way too much fun to like and follow each other to resist the opportunity.

Yesterday, I taught myself how to create a new page for the blog – blog roll. Today I decided to create yet another page, entitled – Published Work of Old. I thought I would post up some of the articles that I have authored and co-authored for peer-reviewed journals. These seem like they were written by someone else, in another life – but no folks – it was me.

From my perch at the end of the kitchen table, working on this and that, I watched Bruce install some really spiffy trim boards around our new kitchen window as well as along the cedar ceiling where we had installed some gorgeous lighting that left a few wires sticking out like sore thumbs. Our kitchen renovation proceeds in fits and starts – but at least this way I am able to relish each and every upgrade.

Started out Sunday chatting on the phone with four-year-old granddaughter, Emma – she told me she had pizza for supper the day before and I said – guess what? We had pizza last night, too. I actually heard her gasp in disbelief. And when I told her I was going to have pizza for lunch today as well – I could practically see her little jaw drop. She was on her way to a play gym to meet her BFF Marcus for a morning of climbing and sliding and generally running their little feet off.

I spent more time than I wanted to this morning investigating LinkedIn and creating a profile for myself. The whole platform is still more than a bit confusing to me, but I joined a group called Geezer Writers – a forum for writers over 50 who are starting out on a writing journey at this later stage of life. Right on!

I rounded out the afternoon by having a wonderful talk on the phone with my son, who lives in Ottawa. He is on a two-year, fully paid sabbatical from work to go back to school. The joy of all things related to having any opportunity to learn something new bounced through our conversation. Good stuff, education.

So, a weekend comes and goes. Two steps forward on some fronts and one step back on others – but it’s all good as Dylan says.

(For some strange reason, I’ve been thinking about this picture I took down in Arizona a few years ago. Something about the look of the sky and the way the tree is outlined against it – not sure how it relates to this weekend coming and going – but it was on my mind.)


If I Follow You – Check This Out

Drumroll Please

Cue the drum roll please . . . I’ve just created a blog roll page! I tried to double-check each and every link but human error being what it is . . . please stop by my blog and check out this page. Click your link and make sure it takes people to you. If you want to say anything else about your blog please feel free to use the comment section. I promise to update this page each time I follow a new blog.

Making this page took more time out of this sunny and bright Northern Vancouver Island Saturday than I was expecting but I really enjoyed the process and was reminded once again why I follow each and every one of you!

I am indebted to a post on The Daily Post – Build a Better Blog Roll   for the inspiration to get this task done.

(image credit – Google images – dreamlaughcreate.blogspot.com)