Frozen Pipes, Book Promotion and Scrivener


After bragging about hanging laundry on the clothesline in January, I have now received my February comeuppance. We are in the deep freeze (-8C overnight is way too cold for the temperate rain forest). Going into day two of frozen pipes and no running water – gotta say – that’s pretty darn high on my list of least favourite cabin conditions.

I just came in from a walk in the cold, crisp air. While I enjoyed the bright blue sky and the sunshine sparkling off the lake, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Then I realized that the backdrop of sound I’ve come to take for granted – rumbling, roaring streams tumbling down the slopes – was missing. None of that white noise today. All is frozen and silent.

Back in the cabin, I rattle between obsessively checking my sales/ranking on Amazon, fretting over how much self-promotion is too much self-promotion and heating water from buckets for any number of chores. All the while, there is a part of me anxious to immerse myself in the next writing adventure.

The current work-in-progress is definitely on the go with what I call the back writing taking up a couple of blissful hours each day. I’m trying out a free trial version of the Scrivener software and I love it! I’m not sure I would stay in this program through the actual first draft writing (but maybe – every day I discover another great feature) but it sure works like a house-a-fire for the back writing. What has hooked me is the program’s capability to let me see everything I’ve done – character sketches, settings, notes, storylines, events, and peak moments – all via these wonderful  little computer-screen cork boards filled with post-it notes.

Scrivener is all pretty and sleek but it can’t replace my ‘real’ bulletin board, which has taken up permanent residence in my work space. I need to see this visual reminder every time I walk through the room. I love adding little bits and pieces to it. My ‘real’ bulletin board is tactile, messy, clunky and oh so adorable.

Here’s a concrete example – I printed out my title in fancy script and then went in search of some backing for this slip of paper. I found a beautiful card we received in the mail from the Green Party, thanking us for our support. I cut up this card and strategically pasted my title over the beautiful forest scene. With scissors and glue stick in hand, my imagination loosens in a way that working at the keyboard can never accomplish. Ideas flow, connections are made, characters speak to me.

If you haven’t experienced Scrivener, I say give it a whirl. Having the free trial version for thirty days allows plenty of time to play around and decide whether this tool is for you. At the same time, consider a real bulletin board and get yourself some post-it-notes, scissors and glue.


Okay, time for that blatant plug. The Kindle version of The Light Never Lies is up on Amazon just waiting to be purchased and enjoyed. Go for it!