Icy Tentacles Twisting into New Social Media Realms

North Island Ice Sculpture - Francis L. Guenette

Still cold in these parts! This photo is of a primitive ice sculpture we created when the water was still running and we were spraying it out of the hose in the hopes of keeping it from freezing up.

With the publication of my second novel, The Light Never Lies, I’ve decided to explore a new author’s group – The Independent Author Network.

William Potter, webpage magician over at IAN, has just set-up my author page. Please check it out. I love the sleek presentation. Feel free to share it around on your social media sites.

Looking forward to interacting with a whole bunch of new writing-minded people who are twisting their own icy tentacles through this social media world, learning and sharing about being indie authors as they go.

I’ll leave you today with a picture of what cold feels like. Stay warm where ever you are, my friends.

through the luminary lens