If I Follow You – Check This Out

Drumroll Please

Cue the drum roll please . . . I’ve just created a blog roll page! I tried to double-check each and every link but human error being what it is . . . please stop by my blog and check out this page. Click your link and make sure it takes people to you. If you want to say anything else about your blog please feel free to use the comment section. I promise to update this page each time I follow a new blog.

Making this page took more time out of this sunny and bright Northern Vancouver Island Saturday than I was expecting but I really enjoyed the process and was reminded once again why I follow each and every one of you!

I am indebted to a post on The Daily Post – Build a Better Blog Roll   for the inspiration to get this task done.

(image credit – Google images – dreamlaughcreate.blogspot.com)