Getting Out and About with Book Signings and Blog Touring

The past three days saw me out front and visible in several small communities in my local area, hosting book signing events. I’d like to tell you I sold a ton of books, but the reality of these types of activities is that they’re not about the bottom line of selling. They’re about showing up, connecting with readers and having a good time while doing both. Selling books is most definitely an icing-on-the-cake (maybe) by-product.

Here’s a little photo album of the last three days.

DSC_0219         P1100058


All set-up and ready to go! Don’t you love the back-drop to my book table? The Oscar Hicke’s Hockey weekend saw most people busy over at the arena, but F.P. Foods had its share of traffic as well.


P1100076           P1100118

Over in Port McNeill, at MarketPlace IGA, my books are prominently displayed and I have time for chatting with old friends like Bob Wheeler.




Coffee meet and greet over at Captain Hardy’s in Port Hardy. Wonderful chat with other local authors, aspiring writers and readers! Stayed until lunch and the Hawaiian Chicken Burger and fries was to die for.  (And P.S. – I did sell some of those books!)

Many thanks to the local merchants who let me come in and set up shop in their space. And thanks to all the people who stopped by to chat. Nothing warms a writer’s heart more than someone who sits down and says, “Tell me how you wrote a book?” or, “Tell me why you wrote a book?” or even, “Who the heck do you think you are to write a book?” As Bob Dylan would say, “It’s all good.”

On the social media front, my blog tour is officially in full swing. Please pop over to The 4 A.M. Writer where Gwen Stephen’s has been kind enough to host a guest post and please jot down a comment. Remember – there are two free softcover books (mailed to the lucky winners) up for grabs during this tour. Every comment gets your name in the draw bag. More comments = more chances. Check out the whole tour schedule on the separate page tab at the top of the blog so you can stay up to date on all the stops.