Free Book Offer: May 8-10, 2017

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Here’s your chance to grab the first book in the Crater Lake Series free of charge.

A Novel to Deepen One’s Humanity – Amazon reviewer

I rarely read contemporary novels (Marge Piercy and Barbara Kingsolver being notable exceptions), but once I read the first chapter of this one “just to check it out,” I was hooked. The psychologically-true and compassionate descriptions of each unique, complex character, blended with the real-life-like plot twists, kept me eagerly reading on. I resonated with the wisdom of the life lessons and insights each character developed, and their processes of growth and discovery catalyzed new insights in me. I appreciated the multisensory richness of the scenery, creating a vivid setting in which these extraordinary “ordinary” people move, stumble and grow in deeply realistic and moving ways. The plotting is intricate and well-woven, easy to follow if one pays attention — which is easy because the characters are so engaging and interesting. I grew to care about them, so I’m glad there’s a sequel. Best of all, I was reminded that everyone has a story, and if one knows these stories, one can never judge another human being, even while deploring some of the things they do. Reading this book, taking in the courage, vulnerability, and honest communication amongst the characters as the story progressed, I felt my own humanity was deepened.

Fourth book – No Compass to Right – is available now as a pre-order for release on June 1, 2017.

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Read all About it! Disappearing in Plain Sight is Free

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I am proud to share a post from my biggest fan and promoter – my husband, Bruce. He’s blogging on through the luminary lens to give even more readers a chance to get a free copy of Disappearing in Plain Sight. Don’t miss out!

Pop over to Bruce’s blog.

Revenge of the CEO–Free Right Now!

Revenge of the CEO book cover

It is with great pleasure that I shout out Peter Ralph’s book, Revenge of the CEO – free until May 15th on Amazon. Followers of this blog may remember the Location, Location, Location piece that featured a guest post by Peter and my review of his book, The CEO. If you haven’t read that post, please click the title and check it out.

So, what is Peter up to with this new book, sequel to The CEO?

Book Synopsis

What would you do if you were framed and sentenced to twenty years in an Asian prison?

Would it make any difference if the heinous crimes that you’d gotten away with carried far longer sentences?

Would knowing that your actions led directly to the suicide of your financial controller prick your conscience?

Blind hate kept Douglas Aspine alive in Changi Prison. He had no conscience or compassion for those he had hurt, only the lust for revenge. Would this evil man succeed in bringing down those who had framed him?

What the reviewers are saying:

  • Great sequel
  • Gripping suspense
  • Highly recommended
  • A main character you’ll love to hate
  • Another winner
  • Guilty but not as charged.

Who is author Peter Ralph:

Peter Ralph is a former CEO of a public company engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of heavy transport equipment. Prior to this he was a chartered accountant specializing in corporate reconstructions and recoveries and was a senior consultant to Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young). By necessity much of Peter’s work was litigious and he spent countless hours in courtrooms. Peter is the author of four novels and the co-author of one biography. He actively trades stocks and derivatives while writing standalone White Collar Crime thrillers.

You can learn more about Peter’s background and his writing by visiting his Facebook page or his Website. Nifty aside – when you click over to Peter’s website you get a chance to sign up for his newsletter and receive a free copy of a novella he’s written entitled, Fog City Fraud.

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Raindrop tears on a delicate white blossom – just for the joy of sharing. I’m reading Peter’s new book now, so I’ll let you know if there happens to be any association. Then again, most things are less than six degrees of separation from other things, so I’m betting I can make it work Winking smile

Occasional Soulmates by Kevin Brennan–Free All Weekend

Occasional Soulmates cover

Promoting my own new-release (Chasing Down the Night – 3rd book in the Crater Lake Series) twenty-four/seven gets a bit boring, even for me. Smile But see how I subtly snuck it in there? Ah well. Being an indie author is tough slogging at times, folks.

So – in the spirit of indie sharing, I want to shout out Kevin Brennan’s latest book, Occasional Soulmates. I just finished it last night and it blew me away. And what about that cover art? Pretty awesome. A glowing five star review is definitely in the works. But, time is of the essence. Kevin’s book is free this weekend.

Check out the book description:

When the thirty-eight-year-old San Francisco doctor meets her new patient, a handsome British expat with the unlikely name of Dylan Cakebread (and an uncanny resemblance to Jude Law), she’s convinced it’s the start of her own relationship novel. He’s an architect, no less — always a key piece of her most indulgent fantasies — and the heroine of a relationship novel always gets her fantasy man, right? Though their shaky start raises red flags that her oldest girlfriend, Jules, is quick to point out, Sarah can’t help it. She falls hard for Dylan and it appears to be a two-way street.

But maybe meeting your perfect mate in the exam room isn’t the best opening act. Sarah thinks she’s the cure for what ails him, but soon she learns the secret Dylan has been keeping from her. Now she has to choose between happiness and the illusion of it — if Dylan doesn’t take the choice out of her hands first.

It’s starting to look like this isn’t her relationship novel at all: it’s his.

Okay, you’re hooked, I know you are. What author isn’t going to smack that ball right out of the park with a character named, Dylan Cakebread? Do pop over to the Amazon site of your choice and download a free copy of Kevin’s book. You won’t be disappointed. And take a quick trip over to Kevin’s blog – What the Hell – he posts about a host of interesting things.

And if you just happen to have some extra reading time – well – I am obliged to say – Chasing Down the Night is now available. Subtlety is apparently not part of my vocabulary these days.

Still Partying: My Book is Free on iTunes


The party continues! Disappearing in Plain Sight is free on  iTunes right now. What are you waiting for – get over there and download a copy. We’ll be right here when you come back. Promise.

Check out the guest post I did over on the Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Advice Blog –  It’s Called Fiction for a Reason People.” I was honoured to be asked to write for this prestigious group and blog. Tried to put my own unique spin on the topic.


Remember – all likes for the entire month of June get entered for a draw with the lucky winner getting to do a guest blog on the topic of their choice. All comments are going in a draw for a $5.00 Amazon gift card. Pingbacks and new followers are entered to win the big prize – a trade paperback edition of Disappearing in Plain Sight.

So let’s hear the chatter people!

I’m Having a Party–All Month! With Prizes!!!


I’m having a party . . . that’s right folks and all of you are invited. Cue the band, let the balloons fly, bring out the cake. My blog is one year old this month.

Believe me, there is something to celebrate here – over 12,000 views, 1,200 comments, and as of this morning, 862 followers.

Those stats are amazing to me when I consider that I had written six posts before I got a single like.

I look at those numbers, and I think – wow – every tenth viewer made a comment! (OK – some of you are riding on the coat tails of others, but stats are in the eye of the beholder, so I’m going let you keep on riding.)

Today’s post will be number 139.

Here’s a brief review of some posts that stand out.

The post that received the most likes: Share the Love. Makes sense, this was a post where I gave a shout to a number of other bloggers, and that should be popular.

The post that got the most comments: I Go Public with Disappearing in Plain Sight. I write about a book launch I did at a local mall.

My most heartfelt post: Uninvent: Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children.

My funniest posts: Emma does Michelangelo and Baby Brit’s Bad Rap.

Most popular guest posts: when my husband Bruce of Through the Luminary Lens posted up holiday pictures and when my friend Cheryl let me put her story – My Hero Becky on my blog.

My Favourite music post: Love is a Country by the Wallflowers

My Saddest flash fiction post: She never let herself believe in the magic of Christmas (though Starting Over was pretty gut-wrenching, too – don’t read these if you’re day is all happy face cheery – a dying daughter or a son going to jail – neither will pep you up.)

My Most helpful post: Holiday survival 101. This depends on perspective of course. Lots of people found both Twitter posts helpful – Like a Bird on a Wire (or wooden bench) and Twitter the Ongoing Saga.

I could go on and on. All of the posts are special to me and because of the wealth of views and comments and followers I’ve seen pass by this blog, I think some of those posts have been special for you, as well.

All parties should include some fun prizes. Everyone who likes this post will get their name put in a hat and I will choose one lucky person who will be invited to do a guest appearance on my blog (plug your book, interview, topic of your choice, you choose) – think of those 862 followers of mine before you decide this is a budget prize.

Not to be outdone by the ever popular Ginzu knife commercials – every person who comments will also have a chance to get their name thrown in the hat for a prize. This lucky winner will receive a $5.00 Amazon gift card (hint, hint, if you haven’t already bought my book you sure could, but gifts should have no strings attached.)

But there’s more. If you like my blog, make a comment, and talk about me on your own blog, (make sure you ping back to me, so I’ll know) I am going to do another draw and send the winner a trade paperback copy of Disappearing in Plain Sight. The only string attached to this prize is that I hope the winner would consider doing a review when finished reading the book.

Oh – if you aren’t a word press blogger and you can’t press the like button – let me know that in your comment so I can make sure you get into the final prize draw.

Here’s a photo to get you in the mood to celebrate! (Baby Brit and chocolate cake – oh my gosh, what can I say?)


The contest prizes may be modest, but as Stuart MacLean’s record shop owner Dave (CBC Radio – Vinyl Cafe) always says, we may not be big, but we are small. The contest will close at the end of June – so spread the word and encourage other people to stop by. The more the merrier.

So, there you go, celebrations, prizes, balloons, cake, coffee, a glass of wine – we’ve had it all on Disappearing in Plain Sight. Please join in the celebration.